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Comments by Garry C Mickey, Sr

Thank you for correcting me for my lack of understanding of your actions and statements. I know you from your appearances on the Commissioner's Meetings and your statements on this site. You don't know me! I am not a liberal progressive using tactics "right out of the ultra liberal socialist play book" or the "liberal play book". I am also not an ultra conservative who hides behind the same fear mongering as the ultra left. I am also not intimidated by the rhetoric of either side. President Trump is my president, and his policies by and large reflect my vision of the direction America should be headed. He makes some outrages statements at times, and that is frustrating to me. But he is getting most of his Agenda for America done.
My hope is that you could concentrate on all the people of Beaufort County, conservative and liberal, republicans and democrats and unaffiliated to get done what is the best for our county without labeling them. Once elected you are a representative of all the people not just the "party". Thank-you and I look forward to all of my commissioners working together to keep Beaufort County Great!
Commented: Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 @ 9:09 am By: Garry C Mickey, Sr
Hey mr. richardson. What is a wizzard?
And, since you didn't ask any questions, that makes you as worthy of your criticism as everyone else. And while I am at it, just what have you done in 14 years to help the citizens of Beaufort County. You have contributed to the 22 percent increase in taxes by not offering
a. a better alternative or
b. a compromise.
You have duped your supporters into thinking you have tried to save them money on their taxes, when all you've done is cast a no vote to issues that were going to pass anyway and you knew it. You can't take credit for protecting your supporter's money when you have not provided wise financial counsel other than "I am not voting for that, and I'll tell you why." And your why is simply that you don't want to, or you don't like the person(s) who submitted the idea or it looks like you voted to not raise taxes.
I for one, see you as the sham you are. And I hope the new board of commissioners is not foolish enough to elect you as the new chairman. OR maybe they should and then your tenure as commissioner will come to an abrupt end as your total lack of leadership and wisdom will be further exposed.
Commented: Sunday, April 19th, 2020 @ 4:27 pm By: Garry C Mickey, Sr


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