Why No Property Tax Discussion / Decisions? | Beaufort County Now | Many of you read my article on the issue of property taxes being inflated by 30% BECAUSE no homes are selling at better than 70% of appraised value.

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    Many of you read my article on the issue of property taxes being inflated by 30% BECAUSE no homes are selling at better than 70% of appraised value. I also got correspondence from both our House Representative, Paul Tine, and Senator Bill Cook informing me that taxes are set by NC Statute to be revalued AT LEAST every 8 years. HOWEVER, nothing prevents any country from doing it early. Our last Beaufort County evaluation was done 4 years ago under protest from our Tax Office.

    In addition to my article, I have also written a Letter to the Editor of the Washington Daily News, submitted a week ago. It has not run yet and the readers of this important paper have not had a chance to consider the possibility of early re-evaluation IF the County Commissioners bring local pressure to local attention. A person, whose knowledge I greatly value, informs me he doubts it will ever be run since he knows our paper well. We will see.

    What concerns me most is the recent report in BCN of a Commission Meeting with the above state representatives present. According to that report the time was spent in discussing and reviewing Ferry Tolls. By now all should known this is a "done deal" and our local regional board is refusing to advocate tolls. Without their direct request IT CAN'T BE DONE.

    Here is my issue:

    Why would such valuable time be spent --- and yet totally neglect the most important thing to all of us: High Property Taxes? All the important principals were present and they spent the whole session beating a dead carcass which was buried many weeks ago! I don't understand.

    Does anyone care that we CAN change that which everybody discusses and hates: High Property Taxes without regard to real figures?

    Sunday morning coaches scream about how our ACC teams and coaches made this or that bad move--or refs stole the game. Our game of property re-evaluation is an issue of the immediate future. By January 1, 2015, the process might be completed and real values direct it. These real values could be shown in next year's new tax assessment --- ONLY IF we act NOW.

    The report from WDN Sunday reported the most recent Commissioners' discussion: Wind generation of power = second opportunity missed on Property Taxes.

    If enough people join their voices with mine, it should change the next Board discussion to reality of the smelling dog under the house. I think it should be buried to immediately stop the smell. Stirring it only keeps from solving the problem and, in fact, makes it worse.

    Will you call Paul Tine or Senator Cook today? Do as I did and send them an email! I got logical explanations and responses within a few days. Their next session in Raleigh is in May. Our Candidates for Office like Whit Whitley --- and other Board Candidates like Ed Booth and Stan Deatherage ---need to make it part of their concerns of the campaign, in my view.

    Let's quit complaining to one another. Say it where it counts --- and the rules for the next NCAA Tournament become fair IF we start TODAY.
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( April 2nd, 2014 @ 1:52 pm )
I, Stan Deatherage, initiated the early revaluation here in Beaufort County, which did pass by a 4 to 3 vote - follow the link above in Gene's post for the details.

An early revaluation is simply an attempt to correct the inequity of how much each of us pay in property taxes.

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