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    Publisher's note: This post, by Gene, is a reply to a short discussion we had as to whether we Americans are are the essential elements of a democracy, or a democratic republic.

    To be accurate, I don't think most citizens really know what or who we are! Civics is not a required subject nor is political science. Fortunately, I had Civics in the 8th Grade. It was Georgia Civics and the text had to do more with Georgia than the United States.

    Georgia had a unique voting system called County Unit. I don't think any other state was using it. It mean that state office candidates got their vote according to how the majority in any given county voted. It was given as a unit to that candidate. The fallacy was when Atlanta started to grow and had as many people as the rest of the state, a good old country boy stayed in office by wooing those voters over the different kinds of folks moving to Atlanta from all over.

    The average person thinks we are a democracy = majority vote of the public guides decisions.

    In reality right now we may be a "corpratocracy" or "wealthocracy" -- if you base the latter on the Koch money pouring into NC of late. It appears to me the poor man walks while money talks!

    And then there is all this hypocrisy ...

    It's Sunday, let's talk about something religious ~~~ Hypocrisy.

    Much change has taken place in Metro Atlanta. Having lived there from the early 50's to 1967 then again in the early 80's I know why hypocrisy would be a subject you encounter in lives of pretense.

    The term comes from the Greek theater short on actors. To get a play done several actors would carry a mask and play 2 parts. The audience knew what was going on as well as the actor.

    Hypocrisy is not making a mistake and being inconsistent. That is part of life. To be a hypocrite one consciously pretends to be sweet on Sunday ~~~ and really is a crook the other 6 days of the week. He might even steal from the offering plate if entrusted to count the money for deposit to the bank.

    It pertains to the child molester sitting with smile on face and teaching a children's Sunday School Class. On an overnight outing a scared child is invited to sleep in his tent. Awful things happen behind the doors or flaps of the tent.

When people get hurt and abused, it is awful. You trusted someone from outward appearances, However, in their heart was nothing but lust and greed. They conned you, in other words.
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( July 21st, 2014 @ 12:45 pm )
Christoper makes good sense about how the internet is used rather than the way many of us wish it would be used; but freedom dictates willful determination of our time for good or for pure mediocrity.

I also hear that next year may be the last year of Common Core in North Carolina.

There are rumblings that the NC general assembly is striking down Common Core and handing it, unceremoniously, back to the Feds from whence it came.
( July 21st, 2014 @ 11:41 am )
Now the curriculum for 8th grade history/social studies focuses (in north carolina) on State History. In Tenth grade, students are required to take Civics and Economics. Georgia really doesn't teach civics? But we can one down Georgia with our glorious Common Core (which probably caused most of my school to fail math last year)! As a history nerd, I'm really looking forward to AP Civ; how do they expect the society of the new generation to properly function if economics is not taught? I do get that E-Learning is a thing, but most of my peers only use the internet for taking selfies and other unproductive/non-educational tasks. Granted not all millennials are like this, for instance; one 15 year old discovered a $2 test for some form of cancer last year just by internet research without taking a chemistry class at his school.
( July 21st, 2014 @ 10:45 am )
Those who care to check the Bible on Jesus' "take" ~~~ are to look at Matthew 23 as he speaks of the Scribes and Pharisees.

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