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    I have been trying to get before this body and the public since the first of this year relative to the Property Tax evaluations, especially those touching water.

    My wife and I own 1085 Bayview Road. It is classified as a "fisherman's Cottage." It is on a lot 50' wide X 200' long. I has been here since the early 50's. It was plainly built with no amenities. It has been minimally upgraded with paint, insulation, window air units. It's floors creak. When we first moved in year round 4 years ago you could not get the inside temperature above low 50's in winter.

    It's not fancy! The tax assessment is $1,200. I cannot sell it for the value assessed. No one at Bayview is selling houses for appraised value. I am told the typical sale in the last few years in Beaufort County is 30% below appraised value.

    I think it is time to change our Property Tax to real values NOW!

    Paul Tine and Senator Cook both sent me information pertaining to the NC statute governing this. It states there must be a re-evaluation every 8 years. It DOES NOT STATE that such could be done earlier by vote of the Beaufort County Council.

    I beg you to do just that. In this meeting or in the next one, please vote to reduce Property Taxes 30% across the board. The only exception I could see is farm property if it were not raised 4 years ago along with residential.

    Let's make it: Any Property evaluated upwards 4 years ago.

    I have heard the excuse, "We must do a formal assessment at $1,000,000+. My response is ---"Who will complain about their property tax being reduced by 30% when most of us feel we are being unfairly treated on Property Taxes.

    NC law provides that each County may assess its own taxes under direction of the County Council duly elected.

    With all due respect, I URGE you to do it quickly, please.
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( August 12th, 2014 @ 8:42 am )
When one serves with Liberals and RINOs, which Beaufort County is regarded very near the top per capita from across the state, one tends to know intrinsic things like I previously mentioned.

Things happen for a reason, therefore government is important for there will always be an effect from every causation. I've recognized the cause, which I succinctly explained earlier; the nation and this county will now feel the effect.
( August 12th, 2014 @ 7:06 am )
Stan~~~you have just a few more meeting with a big vote over a small one like me at the poll in Surry Township. If you current Commissioners want to be remembered fondly for doing something other than fighting over the Law Enforcement Center, simply tell our Tax Department to get real on the value of property.

I am living off 20% of what I made before the economy sent south. Most of us are in the same boat unless working for some corp throwing a small raise each year --- as long as we keep on slaving and not revolting! Being a greeter at WalMart is not enough to pay our property taxes!!!!

It is hardly a comfort to me having old equipment, well-maintained, yet having no trees to work outside a tornado or hurricane. Even then, my customers are waiting for the insurance company to cut their check. We are suffering and don't see why government does not join with us.
( August 6th, 2014 @ 4:59 pm )
Tell all the people you talk to start paying attention to what happens in their county, stop whining about the politicians that they elected, and get smarter.

This county government is of their making, it is their government, and it is absolutely what they deserve.

Most of my constituents know what the fault is in Beaufort County, and it is the fault of the People, and it is the People's government.

So my advice: Pay the taxes. Lord knows it is what they well deserve.

You got to know that if I have to pay higher property taxes, and my constituents have to pay higher property taxes, I, we, have no sympathy for those that vote for Liberals and RINOs election in and election out. No, these thoughtless whiners, who are the very reason why we are forced to pay more taxes each year, get no sympathy whatsoever.
( August 6th, 2014 @ 4:53 pm )
This is NOT just a personal problem!!! Almost every citizen I talk with knows we re being screwed by 30%. If you of the Commission want to be heroes ~~~ do the right thing for all citizens. Otherwise, we consider you as greedy B***rds!
( August 6th, 2014 @ 2:33 pm )

At some point you may qualify for the Homestead exemption. Talk to the assessor to see if you qualify.
( August 6th, 2014 @ 8:33 am )
Another comment I have heard as I discuss this: "It they lower the value, they will up the 'charge per $1,000' and your tax bill will be the same."

I---and many others in Beaufort County---are on fixed incomes. I almost lost my house to the auction block last year. Twice I have had to borrow money to make the deadline before the Sheriff visited me with a paper.

A caring and compassionate government would join its citizens in the reductions of Recession/Depression. Simply on compassionate ground many Counties around this country (mine in metro Atlanta is one) are taking the 30% reduction where senior adults have no children in the schools Property Taxes pay for.

Mine are grown. One pays Beaufort County taxes, the other is now in Perquimins County. Their children benefit from NC Public Education.

"Where there is a will / there is a way" ~~~ not to pay forced taxes, BUT to make them FAIR!!!!!

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