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    Publisher's note: In the interest of full disclosure, I have contributed to Ernie Coleman's campaign, Harry Meredith's campaign, and as the Republican nominee for sheriff, I intend to vote for Ernie Coleman for sheriff.

    Also in the interest of full disclosure, I have many principled philosophical differences with Greg Dority, as the purported alleged "voter" offended party in this contribution, by Harry Meredith, Jr.

    As a matter of record, Beaufort County NOW, as Eastern North Carolina's only Moderated Informational Platform, publishes all reasonably well presented posts from anyone in this community and beyond. As a matter of policy, we prefer to not water-down the truths of others. By opening our structured platform to everyone, we are encouraged that eventually we all will get a more equitable product in the process.

    The silly season is here as we move towards the end of the 2014 election cycle and the different races move into high gear. Candidates on both sides of most races hurl charges and accusations at a furious pace in order to influence voters at the last possible minute. Most everything printed has only a grain of truth in the narrative. The information normally contains boring statistics or voting patterns that are hard to understand. Ernie, however, is always ready to provide the people of this county with examples of bizarre behavior and a glimpse into the character of a man that cloaks himself with false Christian values.

    Ernie has been traveling the county reminding people he is a Christian as though we have not heard it a thousand times before now. The person he is trying to convince is himself. Recently while meeting with White voters one on one in the Aurora area he did not have any kind words for his opponent, Al Whitney. Ernie has yet to realize that not everyone he talks to is his friend and will remain silent when condescending and/or racist remarks are made. People in the community are talking about it, and this information should be available to the general public. I have known Ernie for many years, and it would not surprise me if he did refer to Al as the n***** Sheriff to motivate the White voters in a predominately Black community. Fear is a powerful motivator, and Ernie has made sure the Washington Daily News will not print any article that will negatively impact his campaign so I am sure Vail will not write an article on what she has heard. The paper does not want any trouble with the man that may be the next Sheriff of the county and will do most anything to generate good will.

    Even White Christians are not safe from Ernie's wrath if they do not follow his orders and support him blindly. Recently, a former Republican candidate for Sheriff, who is a White Christian, offered some positive words and advice to one of Ernie's close friends. This made Ernie mad because he does not take advice/criticism well. He found the person that offended him and expressed his thoughts clearly as only Ernie can do. If he stayed true to character, he called upon God to damn this individual for being bold enough to suggest his campaign needed some help. Do the other Deacons at his church treat people like this? I question his ability to lead the congregation of any church and wonder why the church elected him to such an important position. Perhaps the selection process for a Deacon at his church needs to be reviewed. Hypocrites make poor Deacons.

    More recently, Ernie confronted a voter at the Board of Elections and accused him of writing an article posted on Beaufort County Now. Ernie does not like a spotlight on his aggressive nature, and he does not like to see anything negative written about him. Ernie began the attack by calling the older man a piece of s*** and repeated it several times. The voter, a White male and probably a Christian, denied the accusation and objected to being cursed. This made Ernie mad and he quickly closed the distance between them. Witnesses say Ernie pushed/bumped the man and threatened great bodily harm if anything else was said. Knowing Ernie is a retired North Carolina State Trooper and probably armed and capable of carrying out the threat, the voter did not escalate the situation. He allowed cooler heads to step in and help. During this, someone called 911 to get help from law enforcement while at least one person restrained Ernie and others told him to calm down and walk away.

    Deputies arrived and made sure everyone was safe and calm. This voter does not want any trouble with the possible Sheriff of the county so he will not press charges. This is what Ernie counts on when he confronts people. No one wants trouble with a man that confidently says he will be the next Sheriff and carries a badge and gun. Ernie has told a number of people he plans to use his position as Sheriff to punish people that did not support him. This will not be reported in the Washington Daily News for obvious reasons, and the Beaufort Observer will ignore it too. Hood and Delma will do whatever it takes to protect the Republican Candidate for Sheriff no matter what he does. Even Hood has stated Ernie needs to be on medication to control his temper. It is ironic that the Sheriff's Office must be called to keep the peace at polling places, and the Office may be run by a man that uses threats and violence as his first negotiating tool with someone that disagrees with him.

    Ernie did not say the man wrote lies and made false statements. Ernie was mad the man had the nerve to actually write an article that portrayed him as a mean, aggressive person. He confronted this innocent man and treated him as he has other people that do not support him. Watch the tape of the Commissioner's meeting to see how he will treat members of the public and other elected officials. As far as he is concerned, people need to sit down, shut up, and listen to him ramble on and on. I hope Ernie will listen to me now. I wrote the article posted on Beaufort County Now. No one helped me do it. Ernie attacked an innocent man that could not prove at that moment he had nothing to do with the post. If there is any question about this post, I will be clear. I wrote this post. If Ernie has any questions, he is free to call me most any time and I will discuss it with him or he can attack me when I stop by to vote as he did the man at the Board of Elections.

    The people of this county enjoy an angry, aggressive Sheriff. Electing Deacon Ernie Coleman will replace an angry Muslim Sheriff with his best friend, Ernie Coleman, an angry self-professed Christian Sheriff. The people will not be disappointed.

Should Beaufort County NOW restrict the contributions of others to content that will frame a consistent narrative, acceptable to an ancillary group, or should BCN accept contributions from all people, as per their conscience and their talents will allow?
88.84%   Yes, BCN should remain an open platform to all well presented contributions.
1.4%   No, BCN should project a composite narrative, closed to certain speech, limited in scope.
9.77%   Don't care, I come for the pictures.
215 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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( October 30th, 2014 @ 1:26 pm )
That's a bingo.
( October 30th, 2014 @ 1:24 pm )
I have come here from Nash County where we USED TO HAVE a corrupted Sheriff taking bribe money from the bootleggers and drug dealers. Fortunately, we don't have such here and should not from either candidate.

People here don't quite realize how lucky we are to live in a place where people can "agree to disagree"---with a heart for the downtrodden. Here in Bath, there are more fund-raising suppers and events to help the hurting than any place I have ever known.

Beaufort County is BEAUTIFUL in my view. May we all keep smiling and waving to one another as we pass on the streets of "good old fashioned fellowship!"

Let's just slow down a bit on the Open Carry stuff, though!!!!
( October 30th, 2014 @ 1:13 pm )
Wise words Gene.

But, I hope you can understand why I will be supporting Ernie Coleman as Beaufort County's next sheriff.

I in turn will pray that he will be wise, humble and gracious in his position, understanding the power of the High Sheriff, and allocating it judiciously.

Furthermore, it is my hope that he will keep as many, if not all current deputies.
( October 30th, 2014 @ 1:05 pm )
This Sheriff Campaign is degenerating quickly into a personality attack. That's NOT good, in my view.

I was at the meeting when both spoke and presented themselves. In my view, these are BOTH good men wishing to be the Custodians of Peace and Law. It's hard for me to make a choice, but when the curtain closes behind me, I will say a little prayer and it will be: "May the best man win AND fulfill his promises to me!
( October 30th, 2014 @ 12:16 pm )
Publisher's note: My reply to the Beaufort Cobserver was not printed in that periodical. I reckon it did not fit their narrative. There were other misrepresentations associated with me and BCN that did fit their narrative, so basically if you read my name, and BCN's position in all of this in the Observer, be advised, there is not much truth to it.

I further reckon that there really are profound differences between the Beaufort Observer and BCN, and their editor, Delma Blinson, was wise to sever all ties with us.

Here at BCN, the truth matters. That is why we not only believe profoundly in the First Amendment, we defend it.

The reply unpublished, but requested by the Beaufort Observer, is here below:

My reply to Beaufort Observer's editor on my choice to publish this piece over his objections:

My policy for the NOWs, with BCN as their prototype, is that Beaufort County NOW will allow content from any contributor, at any time, providing that the content is reasonably well presented. We don't editorialize the content, nor do we cull parts of the content, or advise, and guide the message, or the construction of the content. I am not an editor, only the publisher of Eastern North Carolina's only Moderated Informational Platform - moderated for presentation only.

It does not matter whether I agree or disagree personally with the contribution, I will still allow for its inclusion in BCN. I may form a personal contrary opinion, and publish it in BCN, but that depends on the condition that I know as much or more on the subject as the contributor, and that I have the time to form a similar well presented point.

It's too bad that you have severed all ties with Beaufort County NOW, because the piece you wrote is well presented and I would love to publish it in BCN. It doesn't matter that I don't agree with the point you made about my prototype publication, BCN, but it is a well presented point of your perspective.
( October 30th, 2014 @ 11:54 am )
In Defense of my friend, Ernie Coleman..

I am compelled to rebut some very irresponsible assertions made against Ernie's character, and also on some very hurtful and unfounded statements made about the church of which Ernie is a member and serves as a deacon.

First the church issue, because that also affects Me, a fellow member. The word "deacon" comes from the greek word diakonos, which translated means "servant". I stress the word "servant", as opposed to "ruler" or "boss". A little kid walked up to me one day and said, "Are you the boss of this church?" With a warm grin I leaned over and said,"No...I serve the Boss, I'm just another helper" I've always hoped that stuck in his little mind.

Ernie is a servant, not a dictorial power pusher around the church. Nobody at Old Ford church is scared of Ernie, child or adult. We're a fellowship of brotherly love and service to our community and abroad to foreign fields of great need through our mission support all over the world. Ernie is one of many who serve and help with whatever the need is. We feel specially comforted to have him in our midst! Jesus said, "Whosever among you who would be great, will be the servant of all". Service is God's standard of greatness, and deacons simply serve.

Now concerning other false assertions, I state and will maintain that I have never in eleven years heard any ill or condescending reference come out of Ernie's mouth concerning a person with a different skin tone than his own. I have heard Ernie state, on the contrary, that he is appreciative of the non-combative and the gentlemanly good nature of his opponent running also for sheriff.

Two good men are running for sheriff...that's fantastic! Almost unheard of! I thank God for that. Maybe a new day is dawning! Eddie Bowen, minister (servant) with the Old Ford Church of Christ.
( October 29th, 2014 @ 7:40 pm )
I don't know what happened Friday at Beaufort County's gauntlet of politicians at the BCBOE; I wasn't there. I do know that there are many perspectives that should be discussed, evaluated, and then we move past all this.

Mr. Bowen, Ernie Coleman's spiritual advisor and friend, has come so eloquently to his defense, and that speaks volumes to me, probably to others. I pray that we all understand the power of the written word, and that we use it judiciously when we make a point.

Regardless, BCN is your platform to say what you know to be true, providing you don't hide behind fake names, and if you submit a post, it needs to be reasonably well presented. I do not judge for taste, or accuracy: How could I? I am not omnipotent, or a journalist; I just provide the platform, and you are all welcome.

Speak honestly, speak well, and the truth will sort itself out in this life or beyond.
( October 28th, 2014 @ 6:53 pm )
Thanks Gene.

If one has a policy, especially as long as I have had of not only accepting all well presented content but inspiring it, one must stick to it. And I intend to stick to it "come Hell or high water".
( October 28th, 2014 @ 6:45 pm )
I appreciate the way BCN DOES allow for a different position---as long as logic is associated with it.

With regard to temper vs. a cool head, that is a concern for me. I was inclined to this man as the next Sheriff, but I shall continue to monitor how he treats opposition. It is one thing to clam a faith and character---it is quite another to walk the walk.

I hope he takes to heart the sincere criticism. All I know is that we need Officers of the Peace over people who try to rule over any opposition with force.

I have just been getting into the ballot we will be using this year~~~it is TOTAL CONFUSION FOR ME when it comes to the Judges! Related to Local, Words with the Publisher, Op-Ed & Politics GOP Incumbent Meredith Faces Comeback Candidate Richardson


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