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    Press Release:

As Clinton campaigns in Charlotte, it's time for NC Democrats to address email scandals

    Charlotte, NC- As Hillary Clinton campaigns in Charlotte, North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) leaders demanded Clinton, Roy Cooper and Deborah Ross, start telling the truth to the people of North Carolina.

    "Roy Cooper wants a promotion, but he hasn't done his job for the last 16 years. Deborah Ross is running a campaign on ethics, but she continues to support the most unethical presidential candidate in modern history-- maybe ever," said NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes. "As revelations into Clinton's secret server continue to unfold, Roy Cooper faces reports on his own sketchy email practices and Deborah Ross tries to distance herself from Clinton, the people of North Carolina deserve answers from these three deceiving musketeers."

    Just last month, it was revealed that Attorney General and Democrat candidate for Governor Roy Cooper only sent 16 emails over the course of his 16 year tenure as the state's chief law enforcement officer. In light of Hillary Clinton's secret email server, Roy Cooper's peculiar email practices draw questions over whether he is attempting to skirt transparency like his Party's nominee.

    "How is it possible that over the course of 16 years in office Roy Cooper has only sent 16 emails? The fact that he has sent so few emails over nearly two decades as Attorney General is simply not credible," said Representative Dan Bishop, candidate for NC Senate District 39. "As a state legislator, I have been asked to turn over my emails on several occasions, voluntarily turning over 152 emails and I've only been in office for two years. Just like Hillary Clinton, it's clear that Roy 'do nothing' Cooper's actions are dictated by self-interested political calculations. Hillary Clinton and Roy 'do nothing' Cooper should be pressured to answer questions about their shady email practices as she visits Charlotte."

    As Roy Cooper's email practices have come into question, Democrat candidate for Senate and former chief ACLU lobbyist Deborah Ross has attempted to distance herself from Clinton's scandal plagued campaign, saying "I would tell Hillary Clinton to her face that she handled her email in the wrong way."

    "Even when I am at the beach with my family on vacation, I send more work emails a day than our Attorney General has sent his entire time in office. It seems that Hillary Clinton and Roy Cooper are two peas in a pod: either they are the most incompetent people to ever hold their jobs, or they are lying," said Charlotte City Councilman Kenny Smith of District 6. "While Cooper takes Clinton's lead, his ally Deborah Ross is desperately trying to distance herself from Clinton's secret server scandal. All in all- it is time Clinton, Cooper, and Ross start telling the truth. The people of North Carolina can smell shenanigans from a mile away - covering it up in a $12,000 Armani suit isn't fooling anyone."

    View the LIVE feed of the press conference HERE.

    The following visual parodies were used at this morning's press conference. All materials were paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party. They are not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

    For questions or comment, contact Kami Mueller (765)215-1334

  • Contact: NCGOP Communcations

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RALEIGH: Today, Governor Roy Cooper held a roundtable discussion about women’s reproductive health and the dangers that Senate Bill 20’s extreme abortion ban would have on reproductive freedom in the state.
RALEIGH: Today, Governor Roy Cooper held a roundtable discussion about women’s reproductive health and the devastating impacts that SB20, the abortion ban recently passed by the legislature, would have on women’s reproductive freedom in North Carolina.
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