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On June 29, 2017 the North Carolina House voted against SJR 36, the COS application for an Article V convention. The vote was 59 against; and 53 for. But a few hours later, COS and the Republican leadership got the members to vote to "reconsider" their vote against SJR 36

    On June 29, 2017 the North Carolina House voted against SJR 36, the COS application for an Article V convention. The vote was 59 against; and 53 for.

    But a few hours later, COS and the Republican leadership got the members to vote to "reconsider" their vote against SJR 36 (66 to reconsider - 45 opposed). So they brought SJR 36 back to life and sent it to the House Rules Committee. There it will sit until COS and Republican leadership twist enough arms and pressure more House Republicans to vote for it.

    [Below I use "Left" to describe those who want big government;

    and "Right" to describe those who want small government.]

    It has always been the Big Money on the Left which wants an Article V convention so they can get rid of the Constitution we have and impose a new one. Some 50+ years ago, the Left came up with the proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America. Under this proposed Constitution, the States are dissolved and replaced by regional governments answerable to the new national government. It sets up a totalitarian dictatorship under which (among other things) we will be disarmed. It is ratified by a national referendum.

    It has always been the Right which resisted the periodic pushes for an Article V convention. The Right understands that delegates to an Article V convention have plenipotentiary powers and can exercise [once again] that "self-evident right" recognized in the 2nd para of our Declaration of Independence, to throw off the Constitution we have and set up a new one which creates a new government.

    So the Left changed clothes and changed tactics. Now, they are pretending to be "Right" and they are marketing the con to Republicans. Many of our State Legislators are jaw-droppingly ignorant of our two Founding Documents. And too many Republican Legislators believe whatever the fake "Right" con-con lobby tells them.

    Much confusion has been caused by the false claims that those supporting the con-con are "Libertarian", "right-wing", or "conservatives". We know that the Koch Brothers on the fake "Right", among others, are spending vast sums of money to buy Republican politicians to get them to support an Article V convention. See, e.g., THIS.

    Many Republican Legislators, who don't understand our Founding Principles and Founding Documents, go by the labels which others assign. And since they are told that an Article V convention is the "conservative" position, they go along with it.

    So Republican State Legislators who have been bought and paid for by the fake "Right", or who go along with their Leadership, are the ones today who are doing the work of the Left by passing applications for an Article V convention. Most of them have no idea of the dangers. In some States (North Carolina), the Republican leadership prohibits their members from hearing voices in opposition at Committee meetings.

    SJR 36 passed North Carolina Senate Committees with no public notice given of the Committee meetings. So the voices in opposition were not heard. After SJR 36 passed the Senate committees it was rushed to the Senate floor for a vote.

    At the hearing on June 28 before the North Carolina House Judiciary Committee IV, the sponsors of SJR 36 were given all the time they wanted to speak for SJR 36; but our Friend, Wynne Coleman of NoCOS-NC, was only allowed one (1) minute to speak in opposition; and the Chairman of the Committee would not allow her to distribute to the Committee Members the documentation she had prepared for them. One Legislator who opposed was also given only one (1) minute. And that was it for the opposition at this "public" hearing.

    I suggest that the reason the bought and paid for State Republican Legislators prohibit voices in opposition from being heard is that they know that when Legislators are given the TRUTH, they generally oppose an Article V convention.

    We are in imminent peril of losing our Constitution. It seems that what the Fake "Right" now wants is to move us into the North American Union (NAU). Under the NAU, Canada, the United States, and Mexico basically merge, and a Parliament is set up over them. The borders between the three countries are to be effectively erased. I have read the Task Force Report on the NAU sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. The globalists (fake "conservatives" George W. Bush, the Cruzes, etc.) need a new Constitution for the United States which transforms us from a sovereign nation to a member state of the NAU. How do they get a new Constitution? At an Article V convention. How do they get an Article V convention? By lying to the American People and to State Legislators, and by preventing voices in opposition from being heard.

    See THIS short commentary on the NAU.

    I suggest we better make defeating an Article V convention a primary focus of our lives.

    Please get with your State Legislators and educate them. Warn those in your spheres of influence. We must get States to rescind their existing applications for an Article V convention. This past legislative session, three States (Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada) rescinded their outstanding applications for an Article V convention! That took lots of work by many people.

    If you want to know what America will look like once the Parliament for the NAU takes control of immigration, look at Europe. And pray that you aren't disarmed under the new Constitution.

    Fight this evil.
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( July 5th, 2017 @ 3:35 pm )
Everyone would like to change something in the Constitution; my desire is term limits.

As Publius so eloquently conferred to rest of us is that once we start tinkering with this ageless document, it will be like Pandora's Box opened, and once the monsters are set free, they will not be herded back to where they belong.

That is a big downside.
( July 4th, 2017 @ 11:34 am )
Republican Legislators in North Carolina should demand that opposition speakers should be heard in full. If the Republican Committee Chairs won'[t permit this then: (1) their constituents should replace them in the next election and (2) the Republican caucus should invite opposition speakers who are heard in full, or (3) Republican legislators who want to know the truth should hold events where opposition speakers are heard.
( July 4th, 2017 @ 11:29 am )
Amen, Jeff, and thank you.

Except my concern is not with any Amendments which could be proposed at an Article V convention. My concern is that the Delegates will almost certainly invoke that "self-evident right" claimed in the 2nd paragraph of our Declaration of Independence to throw off the Constitution we have and set up a new Constitution (with a new mode of ratification) which creates an entirely new government.

That is what the delegates to the federal convention of 1787 did. Even though their instructions from the Continental Congress and their States were to propose Amendments to the Articles of Confederation (our First Constitution), the Delegates ignored their instructions and drafted a new Constitution which created a new government.

Furthermore, the new Constitution had a new [and easier] mode of ratification: Whereas the Articles of Confederation required that Amendments to the Articles be approved by the Continental Congress and ALL of the then 13 States; the new Constitution provided at Article VII thereof that it would be ratified by only 9 States.

And in Federalist Paper No. 40 (15th para), James Madison, Father of our Constitution) specifically invoked this "self-evident right" to throw off one government and set up a new one - as justification for what they did at the federal "amendments" convention of 1787.

The Left is well aware of this! It's the Right who stuck their heads in the sand. The Leftists' proposed Constitution for the NewStates of America is ratified by a National Referendum. All they need to get their Constitution in place is an Article V convention where it can be proposed. And it will be easy to get it ratified: whoever controls the voting machines will determine the outcome.

So George Soros and the Marxists have the progressive Constitution they want in place by the year 2020; and the globalist Bush/Cruz/Council on Foreign Relations/Koch Brothers?/ conspirators need a new Constitution to move us into the North American Union.

Everyone on the Left and the phony "Right" is well aware of this!

But they don't want Republican Legislators to know it. That's why they push for hearings on applications for an Article V convention with no public notice - or limit opposition speakers to 1 or 2 minutes. That's why they smear and revile the honest Patriots who tell the truth and prove it.
( July 1st, 2017 @ 8:09 pm )
Over the past several years, as national director of Patriot Coalition, our general counsel Richard D. Fry and/or I have researched this issue in great detail, and debated a wide range of their "experts" across the country, many of which are available in our Article V channel (45 videos) at YouTube here:

Besides the numerous debates, I highly recommend the second video, which is one I filmed of my friend Publius in Virginia last year. I also recommend the videos with Dr. Edwin Vieira discussing an Article V Convention and COS architect Michael Farris' dangerous Parental Rights Amendment, which totally pits parental rights against government indoctrination.

Thomas Jefferson said the price of liberty is "eternal vigilance." Had it been simply defeated, the sponsors would simply reintroduce it again in the next general assembly.

That despite the shady behavior of the leadership, giving the public no notice on an issue of such great importance, and then muzzling opposition at the drive-by, pencil-whip hearing they held, the Republican leadership continues to extort votes. If only they would uphold their oaths.

We all know what happens when members don't tow-the-line by supporting what the leadership wants: their bills don't get hearings or votes in other areas. This is how the dishonorable game is played. Everyone knows it. EVERYONE.

Now, if they will play these shenanigans just to get the Article V application resolution passed, what will they do to get the amendments passed over the course of 2-3 election cycles?

Already, in neighboring states like Virginia, well-funded political PAC's are letting it be known that opponents such as Delegate Marshall and Senator Black, the two "statesmen" in Virginia blocking this insanity won't see any more donations to their campaigns, and in some cases, the establishment is funding primary opponents to run these statesmen out of the legislature in Richmond.

In North Carolina, our own Republican Lt. Governor has been trying to fast-track this process for years. Publius is right. The enemy isn't just at the gate, he's running around loose in the N.C. General Assembly with mad-con-cow.

That Republican leadership in North Carolina are driving this reckless attempt to trigger a convention and playing games with the rules and public instead of using its constitutional authority to interpose, tells me we need new leadership, and perhaps to replace most of the "scoundrels and scalawags" (N.C. Governor Zebulon Baird Vance's words) who refuse to take no for an answer. I'm certain that is what I will tell any of them that ask for my help or my money for their next campaign.

The Constitution isn't the problem. COS admits that. Why is amending it the solution, then? It isn't. I don't trust them because they don't keep their oath now. I won't trust them to be honorable at a convention or in the ratification process.

Jeff Lewis
National Director, Legislative Affairs
Patriot Coalition

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