Space in Time: Volume VI | Beaufort County Now | I have a growing collection of images, the vast majority of which are in North Carolina, that I am now offering for sale in a limited edition format.

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An ordered space, bound only by the confines of the simple reality of this evolving World, is the constant and ever changing muse of Photographer Stan Deatherage's best work, where the expanding volumes of prints can be found here.

Volume VI

Now that Stan Deatherage (that would be me) has sold a few frame quality prints, and learned much in the process, I am beginning a second series of posts, after this initial series, exhibiting images that have been properly processed, and ready to be printed, either on canvas or photo paper.

    The previous statement suggests that there is a second level beyond the taking of the picture, cropping and righting it for effect, then discovering it languishing in my many data files, waiting for a bit of visual air. That second level is me giving the image a border, a title (an identity other than my catalogued one), and a place to sign and number the print. The succeeding statement is one that I made when I began this process, and it still is correct enough to stand on its own merit.


    I have a growing collection of images, the vast majority of which are in North Carolina, that I am now offering for sale in a limited edition format, which, as most of you know, means that I will sell a certain number of prints, and then the reproductions for that image end for perpetuity. This limited edition format will include a total of 7 to 12 reproductions of each print, which could be printed in various formats and sizes, but, due to quality control issues, these images will not be published at any size wider than 18 inches for the time being.

The Prints Offered

(this is just a few of the many in digital stock with more to come)

Even if one is not catching an abundance of fish, there can be special moments on the Pamlico River Trestle for the "Solitary Fisherman": Above. When one has plenty of mint in their yard, they may eventually have a Giant Swallowtail butterfly - "The Mint and the Swallowtail": Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.

    These images are of places, that at a particular moment, were beautiful, or dramatically unique. Some of these images have already been used on BCN, as well as other company publications, mostly in the popular ongoing series Across North Carolina. I hope you enjoy these pictures in some capacity now, and, or in the future.
For centuries, the iconic Somerset Plantation House has been a symbol of a far different time in the South - "Somerset Place": Above. The water lillies of along the downtown Washington waterfront mixes well with pollinating bees to make a unique image -"The Hungry Shadow": Below.     photos by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.


    As mentioned, these images are from all over North Carolina, but, I live in northeast Washington, NC, consequently, I am from Beaufort County, so many of my images are from my home area. Therefore, I search for whatever muse that I can find, and, then I exploit its unique qualities, its beauty; at different times of the day, in different seasons; to find that mood of a moment long preserved.
The sunsets of Beaufort County's most inner Pamlico River at Washington, NC spans the short area between these two images - "Placid Harbor", then "Just Lit": Above and below.     photos by Stan Deatherage     Click images to expand.


Pricing for all Signed and Numbered Prints

Updated as I learn more, but for now this is currently correct:

      • 18 inch wide prints on matte paper - 32.00

      • 18 inch wide prints on lustre paper - 35.00

      • 18 inch wide prints on other materials - 22.00   above the cost of the nature and quality of the material, and, or, style of canvas, which is set by the printing cost, and varies greatly in its range.

Less wide prints may be purchased, as per specifications, but, any reduction in price may not be represented by relative precepts of one's perception in value; accordingly, the 18" wide print will be the best value per printed square inch here.

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