President Donald J. Trump Is Celebrating Our Long and Steadfast Friendship with Australia | Beaufort County Now | President Donald J. Trump is reaffirming and strengthening the long-standing partnership between the United States and Australia.

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Press Release:

" The relationship we have with Australia is a terrific relationship, and probably stronger now than ever before."
  — President Donald J. Trump

    CELEBRATING A FRIENDSHIP: President Donald J. Trump is reaffirming and strengthening the long-standing partnership between the United States and Australia.

  • President Trump is welcoming Prime Minister Morrison of Australia to the White House to celebrate our countries' close friendship and shared history.
    • Our nations are reaffirming our common vision for global peace, security, and prosperity.
  • President Trump is advancing our strong trade and investment partnership with Australia and will tour the new Australian-owned manufacturing facility in Ohio.
  • Since World War I, the United States and Australia have shared a vital security alliance that will continue long into the future.

    STRENGTHENING OUR UNBREAKABLE ALLIANCE: Australia has long been an invaluable ally and supports United States efforts to combat current security threats.

  • For more than a century, the United States and Australia have fought side by side in every major conflict to defeat common adversaries.
  • President Trump is working closely with Prime Minister Morrison to ensure that our strong alliance is effectively combatting current security threats.
  • Australia has joined the United States in our efforts to secure the safety of international waterways for transit and global commerce.
    • Australia will join patrols with the United States through the Strait of Hormuz in an effort to protect freedom of navigation around the strait.
    • Our two countries have agreed to develop a new mechanism to strengthen and align coordination of our Indo-Pacific strategies to promote peace and stability in the region.

    ADVANCING OUR ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP: The Trump Administration is working with Australia to further strengthen our economic partnership by promoting technological innovation.

  • Australia is continuing more than 60 years of successful cooperation with the United States in space.
    • Australia's Space Agency supports NASA's plans to return to the moon by 2024 and to explore areas of mutual interest, such as automation and robotics.
  • The United States and Australia are developing a plan to improve the security and supply of rare earths and other critical minerals in both countries.
  • The Trump Administration intends to enhance cooperation between our scientific, engineering, and education communities.
    • This will advance frontier technologies and identify future research projects that will benefit both nations.
  • The United States will collaborate with Australia to promote innovation in recycling and waste management to help large source countries reduce discharges of marine plastics.

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