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Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure

Press Release:

White House South Lawn  •  Washington D.C.  •  October 4  •  10:43 A.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: So, the unemployment numbers just came out, and they're the best numbers we've had in over 50 years. The unemployment number is down to 3.5 percent. So that goes way, way back. We haven't had numbers like this in a long time. Wages are up by almost 3 percent. That's a fantastic increase for everybody out there working. We're very happy about those numbers. The stock market is substantially up, as it was yesterday. And our country does well. Europe is not doing well. Asia is doing poorly, to put it mildly. And we continue to do very well; we're the miracle.

    But the unemployment numbers just came out: 3.5 percent unemployment. And that is a tremendous number; the lowest in over 50 years. So, very happy.

    And, I think, really, very important - again, I'll say: Wages are up. When I was running, wages were nowhere. They were going down. And people were having two and three jobs, and they were making less money than they made 20 years before. Now wages are up. So we're very happy about that.

    One other thing, having to do with Poland. So, Poland is a country; great people. We have a lot of Polish Americans living in the United States. I've just signed - I will soon be signing - and sign certain preliminary applications. We will be giving a full visa waiver to Poland. That means that people from Poland can easily travel there, and people from here can easily go back and forth. They can each - people from the U.S., people from Poland, can very easily go back and forth between the United States and Poland.

    So, they've been trying to get this for many, many decades. And I got it for the Polish people, in honor of the Polish people in the United States and in Poland. So, we're very happy with that.


    Q   Did you see Adam Schiff got four Pinocchios by the Post, this morning, for lying?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, I heard Adam Schiff got four Pinocchios. That's good. He should have gotten them two and a half years ago.

    That's a very nice question. Let me shake your hand. Come here. That's a very nice question. That's almost a surprise. I figured that was a trick question, right?

    Q   Also, what does your letter to Pelosi say? And when will you send it?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, we'll be issuing a letter. As everybody knows, we've been treated very unfairly, very different from anybody else. If you go over not only history - I mean, if you go over any aspect of life, you'll see how unfairly we've been treated. We've done a fantastic job.


    Everything, to me, is about corruption. We want to find out what happened with 2016. And, as you know, there's a lot of work going on, on that. I don't care about Biden's campaign, but I do care about corruption. His campaign - that's up to him. Politics - that's up to them. I don't care about politics. Politics, as I think I've made clear - and yesterday, somebody asked me a question, and I gave an answer - but always in the form of corruption.

    What I want to do - and I think I have an obligation to do it, probably a duty to do it: corruption - we are looking for corruption. When you look at what Biden and his son did, and when you look at other people - what they've done. And I believe there was tremendous corruption with Biden, but I think there was beyond - I mean, beyond corruption - having to do with the 2016 campaign, and what these lowlifes did to so many people, to hurt so many people in the Trump campaign - which was successful, despite all of the fighting us. I mean, despite all of the unfairness.

    So, we are looking at corruption. We're not looking at politics. We're looking at corruption.

    Q   Sir, what did you say to the Chinese about the Bidens, sir?

    THE PRESIDENT: I don't know. Somebody said that a long time ago. Was that in 2017? I don't know. You'd have to tell me when. All I can tell you is this: When I speak to foreign leaders, I speak in an appropriate way. If you notice, they don't mention the call that I had with the President of Ukraine. They don't mention that because it was so good.

    The only time they mentioned it was when Adam Schiff made it up. You talk about Pinocchios - that should get 10 Pinocchios. He made up - he made up a story. It was a phony story. Adam Schiff. So, they don't talk about that anymore.

    You know, when this came out, it was "quid pro quo." Well, there was none. Also, yesterday, the Ambassador - who I heard was tremendous and a tremendous person - he was 100 percent for what we're saying. A hundred percent. And, if you look, he also said there was no quid pro quo. That's the whole ballgame.

    But now the Democrats don't bring that up anymore because they lost. Look, they never thought I was going to release the phone call between the Ukrainian President and myself. When I released that call, they were - they were jumping around like you wouldn't believe. They didn't know how to respond. And then they found out - and then they found out that the call itself was so bad for them. It was a perfect call. There was nothing - we hand that call out. We've handed the call out to people, and they'd say, "Wow, this is incredible." We're very proud of that call. When I speak to a foreign leader, I speak in an appropriate manner.

    Now, we're also doing trade deals with China and we're doing deals with a lot of people for the country, so I'm not looking to insult people. I can tell you that. But we can probably find that out.


    Q   Would you be more willing to do a trade deal with the Chinese if they investigate Biden?

    THE PRESIDENT: No, it has nothing to do with it. No. No. I want to do a trade deal with China, but only if it's good for our country. And it could happen. Because you know they're very much - they're very much coming over next week, as I understand it. So I'd like to do a great deal with China, but only if it's a great trade deal for this country. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

    Q   Do you want the House to proceed with an impeachment inquiry at this point? An official impeachment inquiry.

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, I wouldn't mind because we have no rights. They way they're doing it, they've taken away our rights. So, if they proceed - and, you know, they'll just get their people. They're all in line. Because even though many of them don't want to vote, they have no choice. They have to follow their leadership. And then we'll get it to the Senate, and we're going to win.

    The Republicans have been very unified. This is the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. So we beat the one that started immediately. We went through two years of Mueller, and that came out like a 10. It came out perfect. And a few days go by and they start this nonsense. And this is just as ridiculous.

    So the Democrats, unfortunately, they have the votes. They can vote very easily, even though most of them, many of them, don't believe they should do it. And I do believe - I do believe that because of what they're doing with Pelosi and their real leaders, AOC plus 3 - that's their real leaders - I really believe that they're going to pay a tremendous price at the polls.

    And we saw the first glimpse of it two weeks ago, in a great state, North Carolina. We saw a great, great glimpse of what's going to happen. Because, in North Carolina, we had two races. One gentleman, Dan Bishop, was down by 17 points with three weeks to go, and he won easily. And the other man, as you know, Greg Murphy, was up by a very little bit and he won by a massive amount - I don't know, someplace in the twenties. Twenty percent or something. Maybe higher.

    So I think you got your first glimpse of what's going to happen. And the big key is that I have to campaign there. But if you look at what happened in North Carolina - two races - we won both of them, and we won them easily. And one was almost tied and the other one was a big, big lead, and that one turned and the tie became a landslide.

    Q   Mr. President, did Mitch McConnell make you any promises about a vote on impeachment in the Senate?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, I don't know about Mitch. I have a lot of respect for Mitch McConnell. I know that; I saw his statements. And he thinks that this is ridiculous. He thinks it's unfair. I saw his statement yesterday that he put out where he read my phone conversation and he thought it was a wonderful conversation. And it was.

    But, see, the Democrats don't talk about that anymore. They try and go to other things. These people are looking for anything they can get because they know they're going to lose the election. And we're in election season now. For them to be doing this now, it's never been done.

    Q   The U.S. is speaking to North Korea in Sweden. What do you expect?


    Q   The U.S. is speaking to North Korea in Sweden right now. What do you expect?

    THE PRESIDENT: So we're dealing with North Korea. They want to meet, and we'll be meeting with them. It's probably being set up as we speak, but we'll let you know. But North Korea would like to do something. Iran would like to do something. We have a lot of countries in a very good position right now, despite the witch hunt, which hurts our country and it hurts America. But Iran wants to do something. North Korea wants to do something. And China would like to do something.


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