Remarks by President Trump at Signing of an Executive Order Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nationís Seniors | Ocala, FL | Beaufort County Now | Remarks by President Trump at Signing of an Executive Order Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nationís Seniors | Ocala, FL | president, donald trump, dnlds wht hs, remarks, executive order, medicare, october 4, 2019

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Remarks by President Trump at Signing of an Executive Order Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nationís Seniors | Ocala, FL

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The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center  •  Ocala, Florida  •  October 3  •  1:47 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. Special place. Really special place. But where I'm disappointed: I said, "We could have had 25,000 people if we did it outside." They said - (applause). Did you see all the people outside? They all want your seat. That's the way life goes. (Applause.) And you're not giving it up. I know you too well. You're not going to give it up. Please sit down. Let's enjoy it. Let's enjoy ourselves.

    AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you, President Trump!

    THE PRESIDENT: No, you got tremendous crowds out there - thank you. I love your leg. Look at that, he has my name tattooed on his leg. (Applause.) How did you get to The Villages? How do you get to The Villages? Huh? That's great.

    But I'm thrilled to be here in one of the most famous and thriving communities anywhere in Florida, and really anywhere in the world, as far as I'm concerned - The Villages. (Applause.)

    In fact, I was thinking about moving to The Villages, but I just couldn't leave Mar-a-Lago. I couldn't leave it. (Laughter.) I got stuck at Mar-a-Lago. I don't know.

    But this has been a great area for us, and it's been a great part of our victory. I don't know if we got 100 percent, Ron, but it was pretty close, right? Anybody in there didn't vote for us, right? No, we love it. And we met the folks that built The Villages and that run The Villages, and they're out here someplace. And they've done a fantastic job. Where are they? Where - they're here some place. Stand up, please. (Applause.) What a job you've done. Great job. Great job. And that was started with your grandfather and your father and you folks. And what a great job you've done.

    You know, in my old days, I would have been jealous. Now I couldn't care less about them. (Laughter.) It's amazing. It's amazing how being President can do that to you. (Laughter.)

    So in my campaign for President, I made you a sacred pledge that I would strengthen, protect, and defend Medicare for all of our senior citizens. And you see it's under siege, but it's not going to happen. (Applause.)

    Today, I will sign a very historic executive order that does exactly that: We are making your Medicare even better, and we are not letting anyone - it will never be taken away from you. We're not letting anyone get close. (Applause.)

    You see these people on the other side? These people are crazy, by the way. They're totally crazy. (Laughter and applause.) But they want to take it away and give you lousy healthcare. It's pretty incredible. You want to keep your doctors, right? Remember, with Obama - President Obama, right? He said, "You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan." That didn't work out too well for the people.

    AUDIENCE: Booo -


    AUDIENCE MEMBER: We're trying to forget.

    THE PRESIDENT: Twenty-eight times. He said he's trying to forget. (Laughter.) You better never forget, okay? Never forget.

    As long as I'm President, no one will lay a hand on your Medicare benefits. And that's what we're here to do today. (Applause.)

    This order is the latest step in my administration's drive to ensure the world's best healthcare for all Americans. Together, we're creating a healthcare system that protects vulnerable patients, makes healthcare more affordable, gives you more choice and control, and delivers the high-quality care Americans deserve. And that's what we're doing - we're strengthening our healthcare system to a level that nobody thought would be possible.

    Our economy is booming. We're doing fantastically well. I think it gets a little bit hurt by politics. (Applause.) But our country is so strong and our economy is so powerful that even politics, and even when you have the - the "Do-Nothings" - I call them the - really, the "Do-Nothing Dems." They can't even affect it very much. (Applause.)

    We've created over 6 million new jobs since the election. The unemployment rate has reached a 51-year low. Two point - think of that. Think of that. (Applause.) Then, soon, it's going to be a historic number, like so many of the other numbers.

    2.5 million people have been lifted out of poverty. That means more Americans that now have - and that's what it's all about - they have a great way of life. They have affordable healthcare options and millions of seniors are enjoying better, healthier, and more prosperous retirements. I should be retiring with you. (Applause.) I should be in this audience, clapping. But I didn't trust anybody to be standing here, because I know what you have. (Applause.)

    AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

    THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. It's true. I didn't trust anybody. It's very important.

    And nobody has done more in two and a half years - their first two and a half years - than what we've done. Whether it's Right to Try, whether it's tax cuts - no matter what it is, nobody has done we've done. Not even close.


    We're delighted to be joined today by a man who is really, really good at - he ran one of the largest drug companies, and really successfully, and I took him out. Look, that's where, you know, like - that's where the money is. Well, that's where the knowledge is.

    He ran one of the biggest, most successful companies. I said, "Alex Azar, come on out. I want to get you to be the top person in charge of this." I said, "So, let me ask you, how much bigger is this than the company you're in?" It's like hundreds of times bigger. It's a monster. It's a monster. And what a job. Alex Azar, you know who he is. Where is Alex? (Applause.) Wherever you are. Alex, thank you.

    And he works with Administrator Seema Verma, who has been so incredible. Seema, you have to stand up. What a job. (Applause.)

    They know the most intricate little quarter sentences. You wouldn't believe it. I'd say, "What about this?" And they'd tell me, "Unfortunately, it's always like a little roadblock, but we figure our way around."

    And somebody else who is going to be lowering your drug prices with us in a very, very short distance. We're going to buying them from a slightly different source. A little bit unconventional. A lot of people say I'm unconventional; sometimes you have to be unconventional. (Applause.)

    And, Alex, when are we are going to let Governor Ron DeSantis and your incredible First Lady Casey DeSantis - when are they going to be - when are they going to be able to do what we want to do? (Applause.) Alex, when are they going to be able to do what we have to do? "Soon." Alex says, "Soon." Because they're going to have a big fat, beautiful surprise for you. And that has been an incredible couple and a great governor, and the job they're doing is phenomenal. And I was honored to be very much involved in that campaign. (Applause.)

    And if he was doing a lousy job, I'd probably just wouldn't have shown up today. (Laughter.) But he's doing one of the best jobs in the whole country. Ron DeSantis. (Applause.)

    And also helping Ron and Casey: Jeanette NķŮez, your Lieutenant Governor. Jeanette, thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you. Thanks, Jeanette. Great job.

    Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. (Applause.) Ashley, I saw you down there. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you very much.

    And a few warriors we have with us. You know, Ron was one of our warriors. He was in Congress and he was fighting the Russian hoax. That was the Russian witch hunt hoax. And he was so impressive that when he said, "You know, I'd like to run for governor," I said, "I'd rather keep you right where you are because they'll come up with another crazy idea." But I'm glad I did it. And it worked out well.

    But we have warriors back in Washington, and you have five of them right here. Gus Bilirakis. (Applause.) Gus. Where's Gus? Thank you, Gus. Great job. The legendary Neal Dunn. (Applause.) Neal, thank you. These guys are warriors. Ross Spano. (Applause.) Thanks, Ross. Michael Waltz. (Applause.) Michael. Great job he does on television. All of them, they do a great job. They're defending us. They're not defending me; they're defending us, because that was the greatest election victory maybe in history. And they're defending us. (Applause.)


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