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But he will not be alone in chasing that poisoned chalice. lifezette, adam schiff, feinstein, senate seat, january 24, 2020
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Schiff Guns for Feinstein Seat

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    Do you find Adam Schiff, Dem of California, even more supercilious than you did when he ran the House Intel Committee's impeachment hearing? Is he lying with greater confidence and still getting the facts wrong during the scant moments when he isn't intentionally fabricating evidence?

    That's because, like Doug Collins of Georgia on the GOP side during the House hearings, Schiff is auditioning for a Senate race. He's thinking Dem Senator Diane Feinstein of California, who is 86 now and would be 90 in 2024, is going to retire and not make the 2024 race. That would leave it open for Schiff.

    His lack of candor would integrate well in ignoring the state's dark ages public health standards. His intolerance works with their PC culture and his likely soft socialist economic ideas will mesh nicely with their soon-to-be Venezuela fiscal status.

    But he will not be alone in chasing that poisoned chalice.

    CA Bolshie Governor Gavin Newsom and his radical leftist Attorney Xavier Becerra are also said to be eyeing the seat. And why not?

    Newsom is a Ken doll long on narcissism and short on ideas, perfect for a state where pectoral muscle measurements are generally greater than IQ.

    Becerra is a Latin and thus, given the blatant racism at the core of the state and national Dem party, will have a leg up based only on his ethnic heritage.

    A primary race between those three would be a race to the bottom of an ideological abyss. They would try to outpromise each other with free goodies for Californians and, as the president would be leaving office, would run on an end to the horror of Trumpism and a bright classic red future with one of their hands at a senatorial tiller.

    However, as we're seeing now in Iowa, it will also quickly degenerate into a slagging match.

    Given the internal Dem animosity between black and Jewish voters, Becerra would use his minority bona fides to attack Schiff on that front. Newsom would claim he is the only candidate with governing experience, if you count reducing his state to an open sewer as governing.

    Schiff will claim to be the man who nobly tried to oust Trump. He will gloss over his failure in that regard.

    One of them will win the primary and be elected to the Senate in Dem California.

    Schiff is making his move on that right now.


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