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Without Hillary Clinton's abysmal personal negatives, would Klobuchar stand a chance in the fall? lifezette, amy klobuchar, new hampshire, february 12, 2020
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The Nice Hillary? Klobuchar Surprises in New Hampshire

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    If Hillary had been more personable, not the shrew we publicly know and loathe, could she have pulled off the 2016 general election?

    Well, probably not. However, she could have made it closer in the Electoral College.

    The same is likely true for the surprisingly ascending Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. The senator landed an upset in New Hampshire with a very legit third place. She is nice, in a know-it-all kindergarten teacher sort of way. Her accent is just short of the cast of "Fargo" and she looks better now than she did at the start of the process.

    Klobuchar's midwestern twang gives her the patina of sincerity and her moderate appeal plays especially to women.

    But when America is at peace and the economy is firing on all cylinders we hardly ever throw a president out of office. Plus, if she tried the cuddly Nurse Ratched routine on Donald Trump in a debate he'd have her for a snack.

    So, that's where she may go. But how did she get here?

    Given the modern Democratic party's tendency towards sexism, only her gender makes her competitive if she doesn't have too many other negatives that a Democratic audience would take issue with. She doesn't.

    She, like the rest of the Dem field, makes a fetish out of getting Trump. Some of them though are still whining about impeachment. Not her. She has exited the wambulance and moved on to other matters, like trying to convince the middle class life is hard when they are undergoing one of the biggest economic booms in American history.

    Klobuchar wants to go back to Obamacare, like Buttigieg, and that puts her at odds with Bernie and Liz on the issue. So far that duo have concentrated their fire on Pete regarding healthcare. But if Klobuchar does well enough in Nevada and South Carolina, not to mention Super Tuesday, she may well come in for a lock on their radar. In fact, Liz may try an end run on the female vote and hit her on not seeming, as opposed to being, feminist enough.

    And oddly, Amy seems to have guy hands.

    So we have a new player. An interesting one. And even though she would probably lose to the president, she needs to be taken seriously. The GOP "red tsunami" crowd should definitely take note. Lest their confirmation bias, play right into Dem hands. Again.


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