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The former veep vamooses out of NH Tuesday, ahead of his expected defeat. lifezette, joe biden, new hampshire, february 12, 2020
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Biden Has Left the Building, Leaves New Hampshire Ahead of Results

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden left New Hampshire for South Carolina early Tuesday, leaving his supporters in NH holding the bag. Not a morale boosting move or one that instills much loyalty in followers.

    Internal polls likely showed him in 4th or 5th place and he didn't want to hang around for the humiliation. He heads to South Carolina where he hopes for a better reception from black voters and more moderate southern voters.

    His bug out from the Granite State would have been unthinkable even a month ago when he was fighting for the first or second slot.

    But gaffes, a weak message, and generally odd behavior has sent him plummeting in the polls. As he has lost Mayor Pete Buttigieg has gained at his expense.

    If Buttigieg comes in second in New Hampshire, as thought at this point, his solid showing will give him the wind at his back to challenge Biden for southern moderates.

    There used to be a southern threat from Bloomberg and all his cash. But recent revelations of outrageously stupid statements from Bloomberg on crime and race, statements that specifically targets blacks for disparagement, is going to defang him to the point that most Democrats and almost all black Democrats will only find him an embarrassment hanging around the fringes of the contest, money or not.

    On to the NH results and the fast train to Charleston.


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