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He can, if he goes for the jugular. lifezette, joe biden, presidential nomination, march 6, 2020
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Can Joe Biden Win the Democratic Presidential Nomination in Three Weeks?

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    The sainted Margaret Thatcher told George Bush the Elder, as the First Gulf War was approaching, "George, now is no time to go wobbly." The same should be said to Joe Biden.

    Look, I am a Bernie fan and want him to win because Trump would crush him and after that, looking at the debris, sane Democrats may excise the socialists from their midst.

    The country would be better off with both scenarios.

    However, my fervent wish may not come to pass if the Biden people cut the political throat of the Vermont socialist in the next three weeks in the Michigan, Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia primaries.

    If Biden can run the table in those states, and he can, Bernie would have little numerical possibility of winning on a first ballot at the convention.

    Joe could put it away and get ready for a July coronation and his eventual loss to Trump.

    In Michigan Biden can take advantage of those auto workers happy with their union health insurance and the inherent social conservatism of that same union crowd.

    Florida should be Biden's after what Sanders has said about Castro's Cuba and the horror much of the Jewish vote has towards Sanders' approach to Israel.

    Georgia and Mississippi are in the South and thus should naturally belong to the more moderate Biden.

    What does Bernie do if he gets shut out of all four and thus is out of mathematical luck? He gets weirder. His green with envy people will see conspiracies, coups (re: Marianne Williamson's recent statements), pink hearts, yellow moons, and orange stars. They might not notice the clovers.

    If we're lucky, when they give Bernie an 8 p.m. television slot at the convention to mollify the communist contingent there, he gets so odd his people lose it and act out in all their Bolshie frenzy in front of a prime-time audience.

    Now, that would be entertainment.


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