Biden Says No to Cuomo as Veep, Demands Token Woman | Beaufort County Now | His choices are narrowing as the convention grows closer.

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Biden Says No to Cuomo as Veep, Demands Token Woman

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    Several women are being bandied about as the token female to take second place, a seat not quite at the back of the bus, on a Joe Biden-led Democrat presidential ticket. For a party that hardly misses a chance to charge sexism against its enemies, this blatant and patronizing use of a female candidate, not to mention the sexism against males, is ironic indeed.

    One male, New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, was talked of as a possible running mate. But he couldn't get through the steel ceiling the Democrats have erected for the veep choice.

    Women still in contention include Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and also a woman who, as seems to be standard practice in the Democrat Party, owes her only political legitimacy of the election to high office of her husband. That would be Michelle Obama. Gender over qualifications or merit? Apparently so.

    Another woman has this week joined that less than august group, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

    The Biden campaign, in another obviously patronizing move, thinks the inclusion of a Latin on the ticket will garner it Latin votes. Here they are victims of their own lack of research and ideological predispositions. That is so because Latins are not politically monolithic. Even more so, many Latin ethnicities disdain each other to a high degree.

    Oh, horrible racism you say? I am a full Latin and a first generation American. I grew up in South Florida in a Latin cultural, social, and political environment. I spent almost twenty years as a political consultant advising various candidates on the "Hispanic vote." After I deposited their checks I let them in on a bit of an open secret: There is no such thing as the "Hispanic vote."

    Cubans vote quite differently from Mexicans, who vote quite differently from those of my South American heritage, who vote very differently than do Puerto Rican voters.

    To put any Latin on a ticket and think you will receive more of the Hispanic vote because of it is uninformed folly. Not to mention that Latins can be socially ultraconservative when it comes to perceptions of females. Thus some would have a hard time voting for any female on a presidential ticket. Sexism, you cry? Watch a telenovela on Univision and you will see the frequent less than sterling cultural and intellectual portrayal of women in Latin society. Another reason I'm an Anglophile.

    So yes, Governor Grisham may help a Biden ticket in New Mexico, California, and Texas. Though not enough in Texas to flip the state blue. But in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and other Latin political enclaves she will do nominal at best. But shhhhh, don't tell the Democrats.
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