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GOP House Candidate Victoria Spartz Fights Socialism

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    Many of us talk about socialism in the abstract, being lucky enough to have been born and raised here. Though we can see the approaching specter of socialism in the Democratic Party and its leaders like AOC and Bernie Sanders, few of us have ever dealt with the cold dead hand of the socialist state ourselves.

    Victoria Spartz is an exception to that rule because she was born and grew up in the Soviet-controlled Ukraine. As such, this telegenic and articulate GOP candidate for the U.S. House in the Indiana 5th congressional district is just what her district and this country need to keep the American dream alive and free from the kind of system she had to endure.

    Spartz moved to America in 2000, became a citizen the legal way, then worked her way up from a bank teller to a finance expert and CPA who worked with Fortune 500 companies at multiple Big 4 public accounting firms. This is achieving the American dream in the proper and traditional way.

    She eventually decided to venture out on her own and started several businesses, maintaining proprietorship in entities including financial consulting, farming and real estate. In 2017, when her local state senator announced he would retire, Victoria decided it was time to serve her community in elected office.

    Victoria was elected by caucus in a seven-way race to fill the remainder of the term. She built a reputation for standing up to the establishment in the state senate before deciding to run for the open seat in Indiana's 5th congressional district in 2020.

    Spartz dominated a 15-way primary with 40% of the vote in June to secure the nomination. Nancy Pelosi and her allies are targeting this suburban seat that President Donald Trump carried by 12 in 2016 (thus fat chance, Nancy) and Spartz is the favorite to win the seat in November. Where does she stand on the issues? Let's listen to her.

    On transparent and affordable healthcare: "Our current health care system is already about 80% socialized and is failing too many Americans. Fixing this broken system will be my number one priority in Congress. In the State Senate, I passed major health care reforms supported by both parties to bring down health care and prescription drug costs, create transparency, enhance competition, and shift power back to consumers from large health care monopolies.

    "If Republicans fail to present a plan that improves access and value while bringing down costs for health care services, Democrats will eventually force through a government takeover of the entire health care system."

    Pro-free enterprise and fiscal accountability: "I will use my experience as a successful businesswoman and CPA to improve government accountability, control spending, and pursue innovative solutions to rebuild our economy, empower free enterprise, and provide better opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

    "As I did in the State Senate, I will oppose tax increases, cut regulations, and promote limited government to benefit entrepreneurship, economic development and job creation. This stands in stark contrast to the Democrats' far-left agenda of higher taxes, burdensome regulations, and anemic growth."

    Safe and secure borders: "As Milton Friedman said, you cannot have open borders and a welfare state, but that is the exact policy Washington Democrats are pushing right now. There has been a crisis at the border for years, but career politicians have failed to take meaningful action to fix the situation and reform our immigration system to better serve our national interest. As someone who spent six years becoming an American citizen the legal way, I am quite familiar with how broken our immigration system is and will use that experience to improve it."

    In essence Victoria Spartz is a suburban mother who grew-up under socialism and understands the damage it would do to America. Her Democrat opponent Christina Hale has been described as an "urban progressive" and a "big city progressive Democrat."

    During this campaign Hale has already embraced far-left policies like the Green New Deal and a government takeover of our health care system. Nancy Pelosi handpicked Christina Hale and is bankrolling Hale's campaign. If elected, Hale's first vote will likely be to give Nancy Pelosi another term as Speaker of the House.


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