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These Collected Rants are Percolating into a Terrible Storm

I say things that may seem a bit harsh, yet, I regret none of it. I absolutely mean everything I say now, and definitely later.

    I generally do not post this blunt talk on Facebook to create a following, but to influence some, and test most everyone else. I do get plenty of comments, some every bit as cantankerous as mine, most often less knowledgeable; however, when did that ever stop anyone from making a fool of themselves on Facebook?

    Naturally, as a patriot, my greatest concern of late is not so much Covid, but the way we deal with its presence, and, moreover, how we function as a Republic under it stress. And how would I grade the people of the United States of America? On a scale from A (superlative) to F (Failed miserably), the simple and correct answer is F minus.

    And how do I know this to be true in an absolute sense?

    That is a bit complicated to explain quickly, yet, I will do so in some detail in the future, probably within my Clarion call series of posts in an extended format, such as this continuing series - What Deficiency of Understanding Created the Environment that Sparked the Anarchy of America 2020 - Part I . The why of it can possibly be quickly best explained by a few quick rants that drew some varied attention in Facebook, thereby showcasing my abiding concerns.

    Here is everything I haver written, excepting the resultant comments, in "Waistbook" or is it "Fakebook"(?) since July 12 just to stimulate hones and clean debate, here in the Age of Covid; here in the age of lawless Anarchists and Fascists terrorizing cities long controlled by Democratic Socialists:

    July 12, 2020 - Let's call this one - General Flynn, "We Hardly Knew Ye":

  • Yesterday, I finally heard that President Trump pardoned Roger Stone. President Trump, once again, did exactly the right thing at the right time.
  • The only reason that the President has not pardoned General Flynn is due to the direction of the case, where General Flynn's excellent council, Sidney Powell, is taking apart the activist /highly political Judge, Emmet Sullivan, in pieces, and making a mockery of this fool, as his many failings are being easily exposed.
  • There are too many poor players in so many of our branches of government, and all must be exposed, and exposed now.
    July 13, 2020 - Would an appropriate title for this one be - Don't Cancel Me:

  • I was once a Washington Redskins (Oh, did I just type that - Redskins?) fan, but now I am a Panthers fan.
  • I am glad I switched teams so that I would not have to endure this current indignity of identity.
  • I am, however, concerned about my new NFL team - the (Carolina) Panthers. Will they have to change their name next due to "appropriating" the word Panthers from the "venerable" and legendary Black Panthers of those salad days of the sixties and seventies?
    July 15, 2020 - How can I resist this one - Friends Don't Let Democratic Socialist Friends Drive (headlong) Stupid:


  • If you are friends with a Democratic Socialist, ask them in a sincere, considerate manner: Why does their political religion uniformly demand that we keep our schools closed down; not performing the service for which our Education Industry is well funded to perform?
  • For the life of me, I cannot fathom their intolerable resistance to education as essential.
  • Furthermore, after observing the abject stupidity of so many of our lawless youth, rioting and wilding the streets of largest cities, real education needs to be paramount going forward, and all Americans need to take a more active interest in the Education Industry, and the work they do if we are to preserve this Republic.
    July 16, 2020 - Giving into Shakespeare on this title - 'Me Thinks Slow Joe Doth Protest Too Much':

  • Joe Biden is an "existential threat".
  • As Ly'n' Joe Biden derisively enunciates this trite cliche (existential threat) of the Democratic Socialists, against President Trump, as if he could still fathom what the phrase actually means in his diminished mental state, I realized that he, himself, could be that "existential threat".
  • Currently, it is being stated openly by his Democratic Socialist peers that Joe China 'can be easily manipulated, so support his candidacy'. Many will attribute this to his diminished cognitive state, but, I will argue that after 47 years of "public service", much of it as one of two U.S. Senators from a 3 county state, Slow Joe has done nothing but feather his nest, and enrich his immediate family on the public teat.
  • With Marxists Bernie Sanders and AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) as his kitchen cabinet "brain trust": How long will this Republic stand with these three stooges running your life, and ruining our collective future?
    July 21, 2020 - This title is simple - Why Do Too Many Democratic Socialists Hate America?:

  • Why do most Democratic Socialist governors, mayors, and city councils stupidly despise their, all, law enforcement officers?
  • Why do the propagandists that own the Fake News, the same Orwellian "Newspeak" anti-Americans who lied about Mr. Trump /Russia for nearly 4 years, now make excuses for these political fools, as if they are providing more political cover by building another issue to destroy this Republic?
  • This is a real question that needs quick answers.


( July 22nd, 2020 @ 6:59 pm )
After decades of analyzing the Democratic Socialist politician, I have deduced that their two main failings as politicians, as human beings are that they possess a complete lack of original thought, and political courage to do the prudent thing rather than the expediently popular thing.

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