Op-Ed on Joe Biden | Beaufort County Now | Yesterday evening it was a great honor and privilege to attend the CCTA Back the Blue event in New Bern, where we had a chance to say thank you to some of the most outstanding law enforcement people in Eastern North Carolina. | keith kidwell, op-ed, joe biden, back the blue event, july 23, 2020

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Op-Ed on Joe Biden

    Yesterday evening it was a great honor and privilege to attend the CCTA Back the Blue event in New Bern, where we had a chance to say thank you to some of the most outstanding law enforcement people in Eastern North Carolina. Then I arrive home and see in the news where Joe Biden can't even condemn left-wing anarchists who are assaulting police officers in Portland. He calls them "peaceful protesters" when they are using lasers to target the eyes of law enforcement, shooting them with ball bearings from slingshots, pellet guns, and air rifles. How can a person who is running to be the leader of the free world not even understand that he shouldn't be setting the tone of approval for these types of actions? We are finding a shortage of people who want to make a career in law enforcement, or many are retiring early because people like Biden can't even find the intestinal fortitude to call a criminal a criminal. One of the reasons Donald Trump was elected was that we, the American people, are tired of leaders who cannot lead. How can someone set the tone and direction of a nation when they can't identify problems and call them by their name? This is what happens when you are part of the swamp. This is what happens when someone is allowed to become the Democratic nominee even after it was evident that he could not so much as come up with original thoughts to make a speech of his own. The first time Biden ran for president, he dropped out due to plagiarizing foreign leaders' speeches. This nation is facing the most difficult times we have seen in our lifetimes. Are we going to trust that Joe Biden will suddenly figure out an idea of his own? Biden tells us that he will fix law enforcement by defunding it! He is going to redirect money that should be used to protect the people of this nation to what? More laws that you won't be allowed to read until they are passed? Defunding police will result in more crime, more deaths, more rapes, robberies, and more drugs on our streets and in our schools.

    The men and women of law enforcement need more support from our leaders, not less.

    It's quite odd that the person who should set the example of how to help solve problems can only suggest how to make them worse. Joe Biden has been in Washington for nearly half a century and doesn't have a grasp on the reality of what law enforcement needs. Most of the time, when I see Biden in the news, I question if he has a grasp on where he is, much less where this nation needs to be. Joe Biden does not have the solution to any problems; Joe Biden has been in government longer than many who are reading this, have been alive. Joe Biden can't solve the problems because Joe Biden helped create the problems. Now he wants to be elected to the highest office in the land?

    Every time the chips are down, Joe Biden will copy the same people he has served in government with since 1973. With Biden as president, you will not have a better America. You will have more of Obama's America, Hilary's America. You will not be protected in Joe Bidens America. You will be in a socialist, left-wing, crime-infested America that you will no longer recognize.


Latest Bloodless Warfare: Politics

Today, Governor Roy Cooper and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen visited a large-scale vaccine site at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Friday Conference Center to witness health care workers and North Carolinians over age 65 receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
Governor Roy Cooper announced today that the North Carolina Executive Mansion will be illuminated on January 19, 2021, at 5:30 PM in remembrance of the lives lost as in the COVID-19 pandemic.
North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley released the following statement in response to the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives
In 2021, county boards of elections across North Carolina will conduct several important and required processes designed to keep the state’s voter rolls accurate and up to date.
Governor Roy Cooper has mobilized approximately 550 North Carolina National Guardsmen to assist with upcoming security needs in Washington, DC and North Carolina.
Governor Roy Cooper has named retired Lieutenant General Walter Gaskin to lead the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.
State Representative Keith Kidwell was officially sworn-in and seated on the House floor today to serve the people of House District 79, which includes Beaufort and Craven counties.
Governor Roy Cooper today announced two judicial appointments, one to the North Carolina Superior Court and one to the North Carolina District Court.


Transitions are a time for reflection, and a time for looking forward.
The Governor commended North Carolinians for their resiliency over the past four years, discussed moving forward as a unified state in Inaugural address
The front yard of the Executive Mansion was transformed into an outdoor sound stage for the ceremony.
Today, Governor Roy Cooper announced new appointments to boards and commissions across North Carolina.
The Governor and Council of State will take their oaths of office in a program on January 9th at 10AM
Congressman Greg Murphy, M.D. (NC-03) released the following statement after being officially sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives for the 117th Congress.


Governor Roy Cooper today commented after a state Court of Appeals ruling in the M.E. v T.J. case that concerns whether individuals in a same-sex relationship can use Domestic Violence Protection Orders under state law to protect themselves from abusive partners.
Today, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 184, extending North Carolina’s evictions moratorium through January 31, 2021.
Today, Governor Roy Cooper appointed left wing political hack Darren Jackson to fill conservative jurist Phil Berger’s seat on the North Carolina Court of Appeals following his election to the Supreme Court.
No individual or political committee may contribute more than $5,600 to a candidate committee or political committee in any election.
Today, Governor Roy Cooper announced that he has appointed North Carolina State Representative Darren Jackson to a seat on the North Carolina Court of Appeals.
Governor Roy Cooper shared the following comment following the passing of former Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight
North Carolina’s evictions moratorium will be extended through at least January 31


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