Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the Global Health Security Agenda Annual Report | Eastern North Carolina Now

Press Release:

    President Donald J. Trump has no greater priority than the health and safety of the American people. In today's interconnected world, we must work to ensure health security across the globe to protect Americans.

    The White House has released the annual report, "Strengthening Health Security Across the Globe: Progress and Impact of United States Government Investments in the Global Health Security Agenda," which highlights contributions the United States has made as the global health leader to improve the capacity of our international partners to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks.

    While this report covers progress during the period before the COVID-19 pandemic, global health security is undeniably more important now than ever. The pandemic has demonstrated that an infectious disease threat anywhere can be an infectious disease threat everywhere.

    This year's report details the results and progress achieved through United States investments in global health security, including financial and technical assistance that has helped partner countries address specific gaps in health security assessments and our whole-of-government, multi-sector approach to strengthening partner country capacity.

    This Administration continues to strengthen global health capacity in line with the May 2019 United States Global Health Security Strategy, in which we outlined our determination to advance global health security capacity both at home and abroad, including through our ongoing commitment to the Global Health Security Agenda.

You can visit a collection of all White House posts by clicking here.

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