Election Integrity Has Become a Joke | Beaufort County Now | The 2020 elections proved one thing: Election integrity is a joke.

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Election Integrity Has Become a Joke

    The 2020 elections proved one thing: Election integrity is a joke. Any man or woman can register to vote in Minnesota. Persons saying they were Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli registered to vote with no proof of identification. No ID required. No phone or light bill. No passport or photo or phone number or address.

    Some states also recorded more votes than the number of registered voters.

    Here are guidelines meant to restore truth and honesty to the election process:

    1) Only direct wired technology to connect polling precinct equipment is allowed, with NO transmission of any results data over the internet. Any computing equipment or printers shall have wifi capability disabled.

    2) No Early Voting. Only voter-requested absentee ballots are allowed. Signatures have to be witnessed by a duly licensed notary republic.

    3) Polling places only opened on Election Day. You can vote only at your home precinct or at the county seat Board of Elections office. Election Day will be declared a national holiday with the usual exceptions for critical/necessary personnel. Local and State elections/primaries will have a State Holiday declared by the state or local government as required.

    4) Every voter must put their thumb on an ink pad to pick up a purple dye at registration on Election Day. Dye cannot be removed by any chemical means for two days, minimum. Voters trying to remove dye and vote again will be detained on site and arrested by local law enforcement. No biometrics shall be used for identification.

    5) Voter signature must match the one on file from the Board of Elections.

    6) Each voter must present a current Photo ID issued by the United States of America or one of the 50 US States and the District of Columbia. All voter registrations must be renewed every four years based on a clean slate — no modifications to previous voter rolls.

    7) All ballots, registration papers and data recording media shall be preserved in a container, which is Electro Magnetic Pulse proof, fire-proof, and water-proof. The container must be retained for a period of one year from Election Day — and available for recount and evidence in a timely manner at the State Capitol or County Seat. Access to such material shall be subject to verification by all recognized political parties at the Capitol or County Seat.

    8) Violations of these rules subject the offender to fines up to $10,000,000 per occurrence AND mandatory jail time in a Federal Maximum Security Prison. A vote-tampering charge is considered a Class I Felony. Hackers from any nation who change any US election data are subject to extradition by the USA military and/or FBI for trial and imprisonment in the USA or selected foreign prison(s).
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