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2021 Inaugural Ceremony Pool Coverage Information

Press Release:

    RALEIGH: While inaugural activities will look different due to the pandemic, Governor Roy Cooper and the Council of State will be sworn in on January 9, 2021 at 10 AM. The theme of the 2021 Inaugural Ceremony will be North Carolina: Strong, Resilient, Ready and the televised program will feature recorded performances and the administration of the oaths, which will be followed by Governor Cooper's second inaugural address.

    The Inauguration will be carried live by UNC-TV and available to other outlets. Pool coverage will be provided by the Associated Press. Still photographs will be provided following the program. Due to the ongoing pandemic and Governor Cooper's executive orders limiting mass gatherings, attendance will be limited to COS, their families, staff and pool media.

    In addition to the Governor's address and administration of oaths, the program will include virtual musical performances and offerings from a variety of North Carolinians.

    2021 North Carolina Inaugural Ceremony


  • WELCOME Ashley Wilson, Chair The Honorable Sydney Batch, Vice Chair Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies
  • INVOCATION Reverend Dwayne Anthony Walker, Pastor Little Rock AME Zion Church
  • PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Miss Indian North Carolina, Kaitlyn Deal
  • NATIONAL ANTHEM Nnenna Freelon
  • Commissioner of Insurance
  • Commissioner of Labor
  • Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Attorney General
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Treasurer
  • Auditor
  • Secretary of State
  • Lt. Governor
  • MUSICAL PRESENTATION Steep Canyon Rangers
  • A Prayer for North Carolina Rabbis Eric & Jenny Solomon
  • MUSICAL PRESENTATION Ana Lucía Divins and Carlos Crespo of Café Amaretto Music
  • INAUGURAL ADDRESS Governor Roy Cooper
  • BENEDICTION Christopher Edmonston, Pastor, White Memorial Presbyterian Church

    To access the UNC-TV Broadcast:

    I. Start and End Times of the Broadcast

  • The broadcast will begin, live on television, at 10:00AM.
  • The broadcast is scheduled to end at 11:00AM.

    II. Access to the Signal

    TV stations may access the broadcast either (1) by satellite (details are provided directly below) or (2) by rebroadcasting the signal of UNC-TV or any of its satellite stations. (UNC-TV has given consent to rebroadcast of its signals. A copy of the consent is available upon request.

    Radio stations may access the broadcast through ISDN boxes. Please contact Greg Grissom with UNC-TV at ggrissom@unctv.org for further instructions.

    III. Satellite Feed Information

  • Test window: 9:30AM–10AM
  • Inauguration: 10:00AM–11:00AM
  • Satellite Coordinates:
  • Satellite: Galaxy 17 (Ku-band)
  • Transponder: 14-3
  • Location: 91 degrees West
  • Downlink Frequency: 11977.0 V
  • Modulation: DVB-S2 8PSK, MPEG4
  • FEC: 3/4
  • Symbol Rate: 4.622723 Msps
  • Format (HD/SD): HD 1080i
  • English language audio — Service 1
  • Spanish language audio — Service 2
  • English captions Serv 1 and CC1
  • Spanish captions Serv 2 and CC3
  • Support numbers for Greg Grissom with UNC-TV: (919) 549-7249 or (919) 801-1206

    IV. Live Stream Information

    UNC-TV will make available three streaming feeds for media distribution.

  • Keyed feed with name keys and English language audio/captions
  • Clean feed with no keys and English language audio/captions
  • Spanish feed with Spanish language audio/Spanish captions

    Embed and preview links for each stream are found below.

    2021 Inauguration Feed with Name Keys

    2021 Inauguration Feed with Name Keys (Preview Link)


    2021 Inauguration Clean Feed

    2021 Inauguration Clean Feed (Preview Link)


    2021 Inauguration Keyed Feed Spanish

    2021 Inauguration Keyed Feed Spanish (Preview Link)


    UNC-TV will also by utilizing KU Satellite, TVU, and LTN for distribution for those networks that have this capability.

    These feeds will all be a Clean feed (no keys) with English audio on pair 1/2 and Spanish audio on pair 7/8. English captions–Serv 1, Spanish Captions–Serv 2

    Any technical questions can be directed to Greg Grissom at UNC-TV at (919) 549-7249 or (919) 801-1206.

  • Contact: Ford Porter
  •     govpress@nc.gov


Latest Bloodless Warfare: Politics

On the first day of bill filling, House Majority Leader John Bell (R-Wayne) filed legislation (HB 6) to provide $215 million for the construction of a new Brody School of Medicine facility at East Carolina University.
The State Board of Elections will hold a remote meeting beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.
The Constitution Party and the Green Party are no longer recognized political parties in North Carolina.
The North Carolina Council on Health Care Coverage held its last meeting today to finalize principles to help guide Governor Roy Cooper and legislative leaders as they consider options to increase affordable and comprehensive health coverage for North Carolinians.
At the Request of President Biden, Acting Secretary of Education Will Extend Pause on Federal Student Loan Payments
Governor Roy Cooper has appointed William “Bill” Wolfe to serve as a Superior Court Judge in Judicial District 7C, serving Edgecombe and Wilson counties.


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