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Resolution to Allow Conceal Carry for Beaufort County Employees in Most Government Buildings Passes 4 to 2

    After Nearly 1 1/2 years of Conservative Political Effort, Beaufort County Government Moves Toward Providing a More Safe Environment for its Employees, and the Public in Most of its Buildings

The impetuss of this initiative was to allow Beaufort County employees the right to Conceal Carry, which would not only protect them and those other employees not carrying, but Beaufort County citizens using the premises for their county business, who are not currently allowed to Conceal Carry on Beaufort County government's property.

    The first resolution to allow Conceal Carry of hand guns for Beaufort County employees, in most government buildings, began with this first effort; a full throttle homage to our 2nd Amendment protections for all citizens licensed to Conceal Carry in all government buildings fully under the control of Beaufort County's government. If one can remember back before the Age of Covid in the tumultuous year of 2020, mass shooters were the public's pandemic, where random deranged shooters, acting as evil wolves would devilishly seek the faultless flesh of sheep, in this case an unsuspecting innocent public.

    The erupting fear, from this escalation of the deranged shooter in far away states, was enough amongst the public, in some quarters, that their transference of fright led most of Beaufort County's spend-binging county commissioners to throw about 800,000.00 annually at additional School Resource Officers (SROs), which, in late 2020, became a whole other set of public policy concerns for the Beaufort County Schools and the Beaufort County Commissioners.

    Considering that public safety is truly a complex issue, where throwing public money at the problem, is nearly never the best remedy, Commissioners Stan Deatherage and Hood Richardson elected to motion and second a resolution, written by Commissioner Deatherage, to allow Conceal Carry for all Beaufort County citizens in the these predetermined building that they pay for. Remarkably, even though that 2019 board of county commissioners were comprised of 5 "Republicans" and two Democratic Socialists, the measure failed with only the true Conservatives, Deatherage and Richardson, voting in the affirmative.

    After that measure failed, the then Democratic Socialist county commissioners, collaborating with the with the present nominal Republicans, motioned that this specific resolution be disallowed from being placed on the agenda for a period of 6 months, offering their full-throated support to tamp down the 2nd Amendment here in Beaufort County.

    To make a long story of a difficult process less long, I will suffice it to say that: Another entirely different resolution, written by Commissioner Stan Deatherage, was submitted in the following short months to allow only Beaufort County's Employees to Conceal Carry, and not the entirety of the public at large; and that resolution put on hold until specific language could be added; then that Resolution was brought back to the fore, with the basically the same result - 2 Conservatives voted for the measure versus 2 Democratic Socialists and all 3 nominal Republicans, who most often callaborate with the Democratic Socialists on important issues, voted against the intent of the Second Amendment.

    Fast forward to the January, 2021, where there is seated a new board of county commissioners in Beaufort County, in a new year, and I (Commissioner Stan Deatherage) "threw caution against the wind" of this slight change in political makeup, and did endeavor once again to pass this resolution to allow Beaufort County Employees to Conceal Carry on premises of some government buildings.

Below is the segmented video of most of the discussion on this issue, on this one eventful occasion, with apologies for my microphone not being turned on (this discussion not shown, but can be accessed by backing up the video) for my initial presentation: Below.

Is it wise to allow Beaufort County Employees to Conceal Carry handguns in most of Beaufort County's government buildings?
  No, no one should be allowed to carry firearms on public property.
  Yes, Beaufort County Employees need not be like "lambs led to the slaughter" should there be a deranged shooter on the public premises, where they work and the public uses.
  I am not familiar with the safety question.
10 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?


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