Beaufort County Commissioners Pick a Chairman and Vice Chairman | Beaufort County Now | Against the backdrop of an advertised Republican Caucus that was greatly contended by the county manager and the county attorney at the behest of 4 commissioners polled, the Beaufort County elected a so-called "Republican" as chairman and a Democratic Socialist as vice-chairman. | Beaufort County, Republican Caucus, nominal Republican

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Beaufort County Commissioners Pick a Chairman and Vice Chairman

The first Beaufort County Commissioners meeting, December 7, 2020, of this first year of this new board began with either a bang or a whimper, depending on your perspective.

    Against the backdrop of an advertised Republican Caucus, which was greatly greatly contended by the county manager and the county attorney, at the behest of 4 commissioners polled (in this secret meeting): Jerry Langley, Jerry Evans, Ed Booth and Frankie Waters; the Beaufort County elected a so-called "Republican" as chairman, and a Democratic Socialist as vice chairman.

    Rather than meet in caucus to discuss Republican business - the election of a chairman and vice chairman is, of course, is typical partisan business, the two "Republicans": Frankie Waters and John Rebholz, who chose not to caucus, as advertised, with the Republican majority: Commissioners Hood Richardson, R, Stan Deatherage, R, and Commissioner-elect Randy Walker, R, instead chose to caucus with the Democratic Socialist commissioners: Jerry Langley and Ed Booth to share power; with the county manager and the county attorney, albeit possibly unintended, providing specious cover to do so.

The affirmitive selection of a pre-determined Democratic Socialist /nominal Republican collaborative hybrid of chairman and vice chairman is shown here in video: Below.

    As planned by the nominal Republican /Democratic Socialist Coalition: John Rebholz nominated Frankie Waters for chairman, and then Ed Booth nominated Jerry Langley for vice chairman. Both votes won the day 4 to 3.

    As planned by the advertised Republican caucus, representing the Republican Party: Randy Walker nominated Stan Deatherage for chairman, and then Stan Deatherage did nominate Randy Walker for vice chairman. Both votes lost the day 3 to 4. When Commissioner Deatherage made the nomination of Commissioner Walker, he stated: 'I nominate Randy Walker, as he was selected by the Republican Caucus, that also, by that same Republican Caucus, did select Stan Deatherage to stand for chairman.'

    It does not take a strong imagination to question to what extent deals within the nominal Republican /Democratic Socialist cooalition may have been struck to keep this unholy alliance vital and rewarding to all players ... all at the public's expense.


( December 8th, 2020 @ 4:23 am )
In a political hunger for firsts, I always wanted to be the first Republican ever to be elected chairman of the Beaufort County Commissioners.

To date, I was the first Republican county commissioner ever re-elected to the Beaufort County Commissioners, and the only commissioner Democrat or Republican to be elected three times as a non incumbent, but becoming the first Republican elected as chairman will elude me.

Why am I so sure of that?

Because when the Beaufort County Commissioners are comprised of enough real Republicans to finally pick a chairman, and Lord willing Commissioner Hood Richardson and I am still alive and Conservative kicking when that eventuality occurs, I will nominate The Hood to be elected the first Real Republican to be chairman, and then I will wait a year, when I will then be elected the second Republican Beaufort County Commissioner to be chairman.

That is the plan ... and I do wish Commissioner Hood Richardson long life, and his good spirit and health to continue.

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Beaufort County will be receiving an additional 175 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for the coming week.
Beaufort County Commissioners split 3 to 3 on a resolution setting county policy that no major borrowing would be done without a vote of the citizens in a bond referendum.
This resolution to request the NC General Assembly to begin the process of a NC Constitutional Referendum to develop the ability to recall themselves back into session by a simple majority vote seemed like a good idea at the time, but failed on a 3 to 3 split vote.
Please see pages 3 & 4 of today's update for an announcement of additional vaccine opportunities for next week (1/20 - 1/22) and information on how COVID vaccine supplies and allocations impact on Beaufort County.


The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners have been invited to take a tour of Pamlico Yachtworks, located at 230 Clarks Neck Road, Washington, NC on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM.
Our office continues to monitor the cold front currently moving across our area. Please see the email below and attached briefing from the National Weather Service for the latest update.
The Beaufort County Department of Social Services will be closed on Friday, January 8, 2021 due to an identified cluster of COVID-19 cases.


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