Beaufort County Commissioners Lend Support to Ending Farcical Impeachment of Former President Trump | Beaufort County Now | All politics are actually local. That is a real and relevant truth, which begs the question: Is all government local?

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What do you know: At the February general meeting Beaufort County Commissioner, I wrote a Resolution that passed 5 to 2, which meant something most important to all American citizens in these tremulous times, but with some modifications (see the resolution below).

    Modifications(?); yes, I am prone to negotiate on political occasion to pass what I feel is important, and in the spirit of "all politics are local", there is much that I feel that is very important, even on an issue that might seem far away in a place that was once that "Shining City on a Hill", as envisioned by the late, great president, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

    And, to that end where all truth must be revealed, all politics are actually local. That is a real and relevant truth, which begs the question: Is all government local?

    The simple answer is yes, but only at the county level; by far the most important level of government where we are local, where we administer many state, federal and local programs. That local necessity alone is why I may appear to be consumed with the constitutional issues - both North Carolina and United States in nature - as well as keeping a keen eye on our local government; its oversight, its policy and the budgeting of its resources.

    Yes, the business of government is local as is its politics, and the business of government is the People's business. Foregoing the People's business to settle a political score against as tough and talented rival; even employing extra constitutional measures to attempt to discredit a former President of the United States, who they - the non patriot Democratic Socialists, led by Speaker Non Patriot Pelosi - could not Impeach in his entire four years as President, and they told every lie and tried every nasty trick to do so, even with the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, Orwellian in Scope, injecting dishonesty whenever there was an occasion to do so.

    Now, the Democratic Socialist congress people are employing their trademark dishonesty and patented, and overwhelming ignorance en masse to Impeach and prosecute the 45th President of the United States of America, without the constitutional authority to do so, so much that moderate Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has refused to officiate the U.S. Senate trial of "Ex-President" Donald J. Trump.

    As a Beaufort County Commissioner, now going on 22 years, I have the luxury of some considerable hindsight, which affords me, in a comparative sense to my fellow county commissioners, a considerable amount of foresight; therefore, I pay close attention to the machinations of all government at all levels administered that deeply affect my constituents; hence, All Government is Local, and, consequently, "All Politics are Local".

    The well aforementioned resolution is here below With the parts removed (shown here as italics in bold) from the original version, at the behest of Commissioner Frankie Waters to secure his vote to ensure its passage on February 1, 2021.

The segmented video, from the video of the entire meeting, of the Amended Resolution; in it's on the spot edited changes, and short discussion in its defense: Below.

Resolution in Condemnation of the "Snap" Impeachment of Ex-President Trump, and Demand the U.S. Senate Immediately Arraign this Complaint and Move to Dismiss as Unconstitutional

    Whereas, the Democratic Socialist controlled House of Representatives performed a "Snap Impeachment" of soon to be Ex-President Donald John Trump, with no Hearings, no Discovery of Evidence, no Witnesses Called, with NO Investigation by any entity whatsoever, and NO Defense for then President Trump allowed, and;

    Whereas, the Democratic Socialist controlled House of Representatives did "Impeach" Mr. Trump on one specious Article of Impeachment, accusing the Ex-President of "Inciting an Armed Insurrection" with his words for this "event" previously planned by radicals far removed from this President, and;

    Whereas, The Impeachment of an Ex-President is considered unconstitutional by the brightest constitutional scholars, so much so unconstitutional that Chief Justice Roberts, as prescribed in Article XIV of the U.S. Constitution that he must preside over the Impeachment of the President, will instead refrain from presiding over the trial of Ex-President Trump, and;

    Whereas, Candidate Joe Biden did dramatically promise to promote "unity to heal the nation", has forged headlong in an opposite direction of that promise, working in collusion with the corrosive, undignified Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media to promote just the opposite by his every thought, word and deed since taking office as the Puppet President, therefore,

    Let it be unequivocally resolved that the Beaufort County Commissioners, understanding well that "all politics are local", and in full representation of their constituents, are hereby resolved to stand in condemnation of the "Snap" Impeachment of Ex-President Trump, and, thereby do demand the U.S. Senate immediately arraign this complaint, and move to dismiss as unconstitutional.

Written by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage for passage on February 1, 2021.

Now that the Democratic Socialist controlled House of Representatives have completed their second Frivolous Impeachment of now Ex-President Donald John Trump, with the Article of Impeachment in the process of being delivered to the US Senate: Where do you stand?
  Ex-President Trump gave me TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and deserves the worst of it.
  Ex-President Trump is no longer president, and the US Senate cannot constitutionally Impeach and remove an ex-president.
  I thought he was already Impeached, so ... What was the question?
317 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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( February 11th, 2021 @ 2:26 am )
One more thing, learned of late, here on this issue passed by the county commissioners 5 to 2 with some changes, there were some partisan discussions among the appointed staff as to the appropriateness of this very political, yet just resolution passed by the commissioners.

Issues that could easily be cleared up by the segmented video here above, regardless of how poor its intended quality, and with my apologies for sometimes being a bit off my political game, especially this late in the session, which is always unintended as always in appearance.

My concern right now, however, is when this resolution, again passed by elected folk, was sent to the intended recipients, irrespective of the concerns of those appointed to do their job, and that job only.

I will let you know ...

And now we have the verdict from Clerk to the Board Katie Mosher (who does a fine job in my estimation):

Hey Commissioner,

They were put in our outgoing mail last Thursday. We’ve had some problems with the post office skipping our pickups for a while and I know they did not pick up on Saturday but I’m pretty sure they picked up last Friday. That being said, I can’t confirm the exact date the mail was picked up but they have been sent out.

Katie M. Mosher, CMC, NCCCC
Clerk to the Board, Beaufort County
Administrative Assistant to the County Manager
252-946-0079, Ext. 1010
( February 3rd, 2021 @ 8:11 pm )
I allowed a few changes to be made to this resolution that I wrote, and it passed 5 to 2. Truly, these must be serious times, and that it should be recognized as such should mean that this very serious politician should have more success going forward ... one way or another.

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