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    January 12, 2022 - Publisher's note: Due to a publishing SNAFU, I have been remiss in my duties, here at BCN, regarding the proper categorization of county government publications; in particular, the Enhanced County Government Videos, begun August 1, 2019.

    Therefore, to thoroughly correct this miscue, I will make the proper categorical correction, and bring these archives forward beginning on January 12, 2022; mixing these historical patterns of fact in with the current news of our day. Some posts brought forward will not be video broadcasts, but most informative posts as to who and what you Beaufort County Commissioners are, and how they govern.

In the indefatigable spirit that "all politics are local", this issue will be County Commissioner Stan Deatherage's one agenda item for the February, 2021 general meeting.

    Amid strong vows of unity among the deep divisions wrought by the United States of America's most irregular general election of its history, the current Imposter President acknowledges his intolerant Democratic Socialist base completely over the nation he was questionably elected to lead.

    Recognizing the reality of Covid Joe's political party of people as ignorant as they are intolerant, including the Corporate Elitists that have purchased their transitory fealty for their collective version of "30 pieces of silver", Hero Presidents, like Donald John Trump, have only one finite future - Oblivion - understanding Corporatist Democratic Socialists do not share power, or the "limelight" at all well. Hence, the Impeachment and trial of the Ex-President.

    Anyone, with a full working brain coupled with any sense of grace, woul dhave this one analytical reasoning behind this process: It is the exercise of a Stupid People, and this cannot be allowed to exist.

Resolution in Condemnation of the "Snap" Impeachment of Ex-President Trump, and Demand the U.S. Senate Immediately Arraign this Complaint and Move to Dismiss as Unconstitutional

    Whereas, the Democratic Socialist controlled House of Representatives performed a "Snap Impeachment" of soon to be Ex-President Donald John Trump, with no Hearings, no Discovery of Evidence, no Witnesses Called, with NO Investigation by any entity whatsoever, and NO Defense for then President Trump allowed, and;

    Whereas, the Democratic Socialist controlled House of Representatives did "Impeach" Mr. Trump on one specious Article of Impeachment, accusing the Ex-President of "Inciting an Armed Insurrection" with his words for this "event" previously planned by radicals far removed from this President, and;

    Whereas, The Impeachment of an Ex-President is considered unconstitutional by the brightest constitutional scholars, so much so unconstitutional that Chief Justice Roberts, as prescribed in Article XIV of the U.S. Constitution that he must preside over the Impeachment of the President, will instead refrain from presiding over the trial of Ex-President Trump, and;

    Whereas, Candidate Joe Biden did dramatically promise to promote "unity to heal the nation", has forged headlong in an opposite direction of that promise, therefore, working in collusion with the corrosive, undignified Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media to promote just the opposite by his every thought, word and deed since taking office as the Puppet President, therefore,

    Let it be unequivocally resolved that the Beaufort County Commissioners, understanding well that "all politics are local", and in full representation of their constituents, are hereby resolved to stand in condemnation of the "Snap" Impeachment of Ex-President Trump, and, thereby do demand the U.S. Senate immediately arraign this complaint, and move to dismiss as unconstitutional.

Written by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage for passage on February 1, 2021.

    Publisher's note: If you are interested in our Archive of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings can be found here in this aforementioned enhanced format.

    Additionally, if you wish to catch up on some of the most important Beaufort County Commissioners meeting of 2019 through 2022, click here.

Now that the Democratic Socialist controlled House of Representatives have completed their second Frivolous Impeachment of now Ex-President Donald John Trump, with the Article of Impeachment in the process of being delivered to the US Senate: Where do you stand?
  Ex-President Trump gave me TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and deserves the worst of it.
  Ex-President Trump is no longer president, and the US Senate cannot constitutionally Impeach and remove an ex-president.
  I thought he was already Impeached, so ... What was the question?
391 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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