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Another Idea: Had all you are going to take?

   Most of us would like to do something about the theft of Donald J. Trump/s presidency.  There are occasions when I feel totally helpless about what I can do about this atrocity.  However, there are ways us little people can fight back.  We have a lot more power than we give ourselves credit for.

    We are at least 74 million strong.  With each of us doing a small part we can be very, very effective in our cause.  Even if we put one ounce of effort into the cause, that is 2,312 tons of force.  You would not want that to fall on you!

    I am disgusted that large numbers of national companies, that I spend my money with, are huge contributors to the entire range of causes that I despise.  This is a recent happening.  Until about 10 years ago all smart companies stayed as far away from politics as they could.  Since then, they have started making donations of money to all kinds of disreputable causes.  During the past six months the officers of these same corporations suddenly found it necessary to make derogatory public comments about political matters.  They were dumb enough to take political sides, condemning Trump and praising Biden.

    All of these companies are dependent on the public to stay in business.   Both Democrats and Republicans buy their products and services.  I do not know what they think their marketing advantage is from this behavior.  Is the liberal dollar worth more than the conservative dollar?  Only a moron would think this behavior would keep all their present customers and appeal to those who are not doing business with them.

    A lot of marketers think they know the buying habits of their customers.  They believe habits last forever. They are right in believing habits have a lot to do with what people buy and who they buy it from.  They are wrong to believe people are fools and will be abused and continue to pay them money.

    What happens if 74 million Trump supporters wake up and realize they are giving their money to people who support socialists, communists, Antifa, BLM, abortion, and gun control.  If all 74 million stopped buying from them they would be out of business in a matter of weeks.

    That is not going to happen, you say.  I agree.  However, it is not necessary for everyone to stop buying from these ungrateful, socially superior, ego maniacs at the same time.  It is only necessary for part of us, say as little as 10 percent.  Ten percent of the sales of any of these companies would cause their stock to take a serious downturn which would cause a shakeup of the management team.

    How do we decide which companies and who is going to cut back and for how long?  We do not need to.  Everyone should make modest changes in their buying habits.  One way is to stop some of our (bad) habits.  We can change brand names, do without, look thru our pantries and storage buildings and use up what we have. We can substitute. 

    For example,  because I disagreed with Walmart’s behavior, I now buy my vegetables and whatever else I can get at reasonably competitive prices from anyone but Walmart.  I have denied them at least 20 percent of what I was spending.  I have changed brand names of soft drinks and I buy fewer soft drinks.  There are some things I simply do without.  I am learning to cook and bake new things.  If you multiply my small effort by 100 million people, Walmart will feel it.

    There are many other examples, far worse than Walmart.

    We do not need to go cold turkey.  We need to change our buying habits away from those who are so sure they can tell us what to do, take our money and be so active in politics.

    It would not be long until we see the big boys run some different advertising.  I would like to see companies say “We do not donate or support anybody, this is how we keep prices low for you.”  Or “We pledge to be politically neutral, our most important business is producing high quality goods and services”.

    Rise up and show the socialists and communists we are not patsy’s.   We will punish you if you are so arrogant that you will use our money to oppose our political beliefs.  Modern corporate management is off the rails.  It needs severe punishment. If a ten percent reduction is judged to be effective what will 20 or 25 percent do?  We will be better for doing it.

    Unlike a lot of politicians, we do not have to destroy ourselves in order to hand out punishment.  We only have to change a few habits.

    This approach does not require a national organization or fund raising or volunteers or press agents. It is all of us teaching the bad boys a good lesson.

    Our Beaufort Observer Team recently address this issue in relation to the Elite Media.  If you missed it, please check it out:  Conservatives do not need the Elite Media anymore | Beaufort County Now

    And obviously there is another side of this business of where conservatives spend their money.  We can and should buy from companies that support conservatism and particularly those that are under attack by the “Cancel Culture,” such as MASSIVE MyPillow Orders Cause Delays as "BUYcott" Sends Company To New Records! (

    Of course, conservatives will have some decisions to make this Sunday (Super Bowl).

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( February 6th, 2021 @ 11:00 am )
This is very good advice. Identifying companies that are hostile to us and those that are not does take some effort. It also takes effort to shop with friends instead of enemies. We have to think and change habits. This is something I'm working at, and I'm getting better and better at it. It is getting kind of fun.

For instance, I've had to order several items this week. So far I've kept Amazon out of all of it. I may at some point have to order something using Amazon, but they are not going to get the kind of business they've received in the past as long as they are hostile to free speech and supportive of Marxist organizations.

This is not a time to be a sheeple person. It is important to be as aware as possible.
( February 6th, 2021 @ 9:00 am )
The Beaufort County Commissioners "latest distraction" was to pass a resolution in condemnation of the latest Trivialized Impeachment of the former President -

There will be no discussion of any monuments or memorials here in Beaufort County if I have anything to do with it.
( February 5th, 2021 @ 4:49 am )
It saddens me to see a great number of people within our community walking with their heads down like somebody's contaminated their Corn Flakes. As you stated, it doesn't require a grand conspiracy to defeat these self-elected anal cavities.

These times could create some of the best comedy ever written. For instance, one could realize the hypocrisy of the Pitt County Board of Commissioners most recent distraction attempt (Confederate Monument relocation) and see a potential timeline of events that could possibly cause great revenue concerns.

These Dems have no clue as to the lengths certain Conservative minds will go in search of an opportunity to write good Comedy! What if PeeDee the Pirate became a symbol of Xenophobia and Racism?

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