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Big League is reporting:

The rising star in North Carolina GOP politics is undoubtedly Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, the gun rights activist who defeated the political establishment to obtain his position as the first black Lt. Governor in the state.

Big League Politics has reported on how Robinson has fearlessly called out the Left on their racism against the black community. He is being suggested frequently among the conservative grassroots as a likely candidate for governor in 2024. This has the North Carolina RINO brigade panicking and scrambling to derail Robinson’s momentum.

“A lot of folks in North Carolina have asked me if I will run for the U.S. Senate seat in 2022. I believe we need more leaders in Washington who aren’t afraid to stand up to the radical Left or protect our conservative values,” Budd wrote in an email, adding that his family is “thinking and praying about this decision.”

With Budd splitting conservative votes away from Mark Walker, the stage would be set for a third candidate to come up the middle, and walk away with the mere 30 percent required to take the Republican primary.

This “divide and conquer” strategy has been used in the past with great effectiveness by political consultant Paul Shumaker, whose plotting helped to put not only Burr in office, but also RINO Sen. Thom Tillis.

Shumaker worked with Robin Hayes, a former N.C. Republican Party chairman who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in a bribery case, on a similar plan during the 2014 Republican primary for U.S. Senate. 

Grassroots conservative favorite Dr. Greg Brannon had his hopes dashed after Pastor Mark Harris entered the race as a spoiler, splitting the conservative vote and thereby giving the nomination to Tillis. 

McCrory is considered a RINO who duped tea party constituents on the campaign trail in order to ride that wave into office; only he failed completely to live up to this conservative mandate before ultimately being rejected by the voters.

McCrory lost a state-wide race to Roy Cooper in 2016 by a narrow margin and the state GOP still has not recovered.

During his time as Mayor of Charlotte, McCrory supported massive spending increases on transportation boondoggles and massive corporate welfare spending under the guise of economic development. His critics blame McCrory for ruining the GOP in the city forever, disenfranchising countless conservatives with his poor leadership.

“McCrory did more to damage the Republican brand than any politician that’s ever been in Charlotte,” said former Charlotte city councilman Don Reid. “He joined the Uptown crowd and did their bidding. When he took over as mayor, he had a Republican majority, and he drove that right down the drain. … During his terms in office, the Uptown business interests took control, and Pat McCrory was their main helper. Everything had to be downtown; heck, they’d move the Whitewater Center downtown if they could shift the river.”

Even though he changed his tune a bit after the tea party’s sudden and unexpected insurgency within the GOP, McCrory governed the same way in Raleigh as he did in Charlotte.

McCrory pushed for a massive $2 billion bond after touting his record as a fiscal conservative with ties to the Koch Brothers on the campaign trail. He protected Common Core by appointing globalists to a state-mandated council reviewing those troublesome standards. 

McCrory implemented an unpopular toll road boondoggle, dooming his re-election chances and hurting Republican candidates across the state. He also joined liberals in slamming the Confederate Flag, which set the stage for Black Lives Matter marxists to gain momentum in their revolution against the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

McCrory is long-time political crony of Tillis, who was one of former President Donald Trump’s worst enemies in the senate

While Budd possesses an ostensibly conservative voting record, his ties to Tillis’ crony circle are also extensive. Budd’s gushing over Tillis, calling him a “great conservative voice for North Carolina” after years of publicly opposing Trump, in a recent Zoom call tells the whole story.

Budd lied to voters last year on the campaitrail by claiming that Tillis was a “strong supporter of President Trump and will always have the back of North Carolina families.” 

He even offered up his wife to shill for Tillis as the latter struggled to win re-election after years of terrible votes. The groveling intensified throughout the campaign and Budd worked overtime on behalf of one of the state’s most despicable anti-Trump RINOs.

Budd’s odd path to Congress in 2016 may explain his motives. He won the Republican primary with only 20 percent of the vote as one of seventeen candidates, narrowly beating proven conservative state legislator John Blust. This is when the NCGOP establishment swooped in and cultivated Budd as an asset. 

Hayes, the aforementioned former NCGOP chair turned felon, was an early supporter of Budd, giving his campaign thousands of dollars, holding a fundraiser on his behalf and undoubtedly working his deep special interest connections to benefit his candidacy.  

Sources within the North Carolina GOP have informed Big League Politics about a plot to run Budd as controlled opposition in the Senate race in order to thwart two constitutional candidates

The plan, we’re told, is to run Budd in a doomed U.S. Senate race in order to increase his statewide name recognition and sabotage Walker’s chances in the primary, allowing McCrory to be the GOP’s hand-selected Senate contender in 2022. 

Having just spent a year and a half campaigning across the state, Budd would then be the establishment’s pick for governor in 2024, thwarting Lt. Gov. Robinson’s potential run for the spot. 

This scheme is what sources allege is being hatched to keep the party under RINO control, disrupting the America First uprising among their ranks, even if it means losing more winnable races to Democrats.

Why else would Budd give up a safe seat in Congress to launch an extremely competitive bid for U.S. Senate, in a crowded field, which includes a conservative Congressman who has been campaigning for months, as well as a former governor likely jumping in the mix?

If this sort of scheme seems far-fetched, just consider what the NCGOP has done to derail upstart anti-establishment Republicans in recent years. 

In the not-too-distant past, the NCGOP destroyed a rising black political superstar, damning the party among minority voters, and giving ammo to the liberal media to paint the GOP as racists. All to keep their stranglehold over power. 

This was the case with Hasan Harnett, former NCGOP chairman. Like Robinson, he defeated the political establishment, but was then sabotaged, and subsequently booted from his post against the will of the Republican delegates. 

The state GOP’s Executive Committee met in private and booted Harnett months after he was elected fairly by Republican delegates to serve as party chair. They ousted Harnett while he was out of town and unable to defend himself. 

This was the culmination of a diabolical sabotage campaign that was hatched on the day Harnett won election. Harnett’s push to lower registration fees to open up conventions to more Republicans was picked, framed and polarized to promulgate the phony crisis needed to get rid of Harnett. 

The establishment then installed one of their own as Harnett’s replacement, none other than one of Ted Budd’s earliest financial benefactors, Robin Hayes. This conspiracy against Harnett was spearheaded in many ways by former NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse. Interestingly, Woodhouse recently promoted Budd’s possible candidacy in the Carolina Journal, firing up the rumor mill and the aforementioned email from Budd to supporters on the same day.

Although the rise of Donald Trump as the unquestioned leader of the GOP has glossed over much of this ugliness, the North Carolina Republican establishment is working to backslide into the “good ol’ days” of Bush-era, where leaders are selected, not elected. As such, this upcoming Senate race will ultimately determine whether or not the NCGOP is America First or under the thumb of self-serving RINOs.

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( April 19th, 2021 @ 9:10 pm )
Mark Robinson has issued a statement that he is not running for Senate. He was never planning on it, and this fantasy of conservative Freedom Caucus member Ted Budd doing a kamakazi mission for the establishment has been just nuts all along. Why Some outlets like Big League Politics and First in Freedom Daily ran with it is concerning because it never made any sense whatsoever. It was a smear all along and it seems to have originated with McCrory operatives who were both trying to draw another conservative into the race to split the conservative vote and to hurt Budd, who is most conservatives' next choice should Lara Trump not get in the race.
( April 16th, 2021 @ 8:33 pm )
Big League Politics has been snookered on this one, although they are usually a reliable source, and they are being played for something they think they are opposing, and that is dividing conservatives. This BLP article originally had a link to the original source of this conspiracy theory, the liberal Washington, DC correspondent for the Raleigh News and Observer, a guy named Murphy, who cited unnamed sources. That is highly suspicious in itself, but it also smacks of the smear tactics of a close associate of McCrory consultant Paul Shumaker, Dee Stewart, who often uses rumor and innuendo against opponents. The McCrory team knows that Lara Trump will skunk them as she is way ahead in the polls, and their scheme is to push a bunch of other conservatives into the race. An earlier story on this same conspiracy theory which had a link back to the Murphy post, in First in Freedom Daily was followed by a series of articles of various conservatives getting into the race, with Dallas Woodhouse being cited as the source. Woodhouse served as the front man for a Karl Rove independent expenditure effort backing Thom Tillis and worked under Robin Hayes when Hayes pulled the same scheme of splitting the conservative vote to help Tillis get the nomination. The establishment has suckered Big League Politics as well as First in Freedom Daily into doing their dirty work.

The part of the conspiracy theory that is so non-sensical that it paints the whole thing as false is the idea that a member of the Freedom Caucus like Budd would serve as a front man for the establishment, and even more non-sensical that he would run to lose, giving up his House seat. That makes absolutely no sense at all. This is all about trying to get conservatives fighting each other, and Woodhouse, Shumaker, and probably Stewart are in the thick of it, with a liberal N&O reporter as their front man.

We need ONE conservative candidate and the very best one is Lara Trump.

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