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Race, Race, Race

John Woodard
    About 2 years ago, I wrote an article for the County Compass that stated that the Black Panther Party believed that Race was the soft underbelly of Americans and that it could be used as a means of Political Division throughout our society and eventually destroy our country. What can be taken from recent events certainly seems to give this theory credence.

    We have been receiving incoming calls from the promoters of Socialism in ever greater numbers every day. But the greatest of all is the 1619 Project. This story, written by a New York Times Reporter attempts to convey that the slave trade was the predominant factor in the founding of our country. It attempts to change history and assert that the original freedoms of America were not the foundation of our country as has been taught in our schools.

    The Race Theory that the 1619 Project espouses wants us to look at the founding of America through a racial framework.

    There is ample evidence that Britain was primarily responsible for the Slave Trade. They were making a lot of money and wanted the American Colonies to help them in that effort. However, the advocates for the 1619 Project want to ignore this fact. Inconsistencies such as this undermine the Project author, Nikole Hannah-Jones. She does not accept this argument and attempts to claim that what caused America's Founders to seek independence was a desire to continue the practice of slavery.

    History refutes Ms. Jones accounts, and supports the notion that elements had begun in Britain approximately four years after the Treaty of Paris was signed, which ended the Revolutionary War. However, Ms. Jones promotes a complete change in American History that if adopted will change our belief system for years. The 1619 Project is an attempt to rewrite the story of America in a most destructive way.

    Socialism is the goal of People like Ms. Jones and most members of the media and the Democrats in both Chambers of our Government. This form of Government has never been successful throughout history. But every time it rears its head, it is because a new generation wants to give it a try because they think they are so much smarter than those that preceded them. But when they fail, as they surely will again, they will have succeeded in removing all our freedoms and liberties, which once lost will be extremely hard to recover if ever.

    Socialism has produced a great deal of suffering, subjugation and death in pursuit of the Utopian Society. If we are to overcome this threat, all freedom loving people need to fight for our country by every means available. The proponents of the 1619 Project and all other groups such as those who promote Critical Race Theory have to be defeated by overwhelming numbers. The fight for our country is against forces that are playing for keeps and we should fight back as if our future depends on it; because it does!

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