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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
John Woodard
    Covid-19, Tool Influences Loss of Individual Rights

    It has been predicted that forced vaccines would become the norm and that these coercive measures would be initiated by private corporations, not by government. For insight into what the new globalist administration in Washington has planned for America, all we need to do is look across the ocean and see what Europe's globalist are already doing.

    From an article in Technocracy News, it says no matter the country, all globalist elites share a trifecta of traits; they are sneaky, intrusive and abusive in their lust for power and control over the masses. These governments want to make the vaccines mandatory, but to get around the laws and the bad optics of forced government injections, big government will collude with big business to get the job done, letting business be seen as the "bad guy" that is forcing people to get the shot. So, when Pres. Trump initiated operation warp speed with Big Pharma companies, was he doing that in order to reduce the number of cases and deaths or was he following the optics that we just mentioned? I tend to believe that Pres. Trump knew that he had a large-scale problem on his hands and that following traditional methods of vaccine approval would take so long that the death toll would be astronomical and that he compromised in order to save lives. We will never know what specifically was in his mind unless he tells us someday but clearly Technocracy News has been right on with their assessment of globalist elites and their methods and means.

    Big Pharma is orchestrating the largest criminal syndicate in the history of the world as it knowingly supplies experimental drugs without "informed consent" of the patient's according to Patrick Wood, an expert in the global technocracy. Informed consent is enshrined in law everywhere, including the Nuremberg code. But with the COVID-19 vaccines, nobody is given the proper information to consent. They are merely told that this vaccine will lessen or minimize the effects of the virus, but they have never said that the vaccine would be a permanent cure as is the case with most vaccines.

    Companies in Britain have been tasking law firms to craft "no jab, no job" contracts that would bar prospective employees from being hired unless they have been vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus. While the government has publicly claimed that it has no intentions of requiring domestic vaccine passports, ministers have admitted that private businesses may take up the mantle of imposing that on the British public.

    The Financial Times states that law firms have said they have already been contacted by companies, including care homes and multinational corporations, which are looking to draw up contracts that would require employees to be inoculated against the virus. No distinction has been made that these vaccines are still considered experimental and that they will not even offer lifelong protection from the virus, offering only 90 to 95% protection for up to a year, after which another injection will be required annually for the rest of your life! This doesn't even meet the legal definition of a vaccine!

    A British newspaper has been told that such requirements could be risky as they might trigger discrimination claims from people who refused to take the vaccine on religious grounds, pregnant women, or those who have health conditions, such as allergies, which prevent them from taking the vaccine. It was noted that in sectors in which employees are surrounded by at-risk people, such as in care homes, so-called "no jab, no job" contracts may ultimately be defensible. It has been further reported that businesses have already begun to inquire about how to mandate that those already employed receive the vaccine. Companies seeking to change the contracts of people already employed would need to gain the consent of the worker. One chief executive of a human resource firm had the observation that since the government has not made the vaccine compulsory, neither can employers.

    Globalists Seek to Take Over The American Economy

    While millions are immersed in the side show that in the Impeachment of Pres Trump #2, the globalist elites at the World Economic Forum and their supporters at the United Nations, the IMF and the European Union, The British Royal Family and the Vatican are plotting behind closed doors with China and the new regime in Washington DC on how to implement their reset of the global economy.

    The "Great Reset" is really about the destruction of the American middle-class. They want to make everything more expensive from the fuel that powers your automobiles and trucks that haul your food, to utility rates and all manufactured goods. Food prices are sensitive to fuel prices and so you can count on your food bill rising with the rest of the items you need for survival. These are things that you can see happening right before your eyes every single day with cheap labor being imported into the United States and the cut off of domestic oil production which will cause oil prices to rise therefore giving rise to the gasoline costs that go in your car's gas tank.

    The designers of the Great Reset openly boast that under their planned new system you will "own nothing and be happy." Fossil fuels will be eliminated, except for in China, which gets to use them for another 30 years, per the Paris Climate Accord, which Biden just signed us back into. If these people are successful, you will be so poor that you will be forced to rent what they call an "efficiency dwelling" from the government or some government-supported corporate crony capitalist. If you have wondered why states like California and New York and Washington and Oregon have been allowing businesses to be burned to the ground, perhaps this is the answer. These are high density cities and, people will have to find some other way to get into town to go to work instead of living in the suburbs. Is that the big scheme of things? I don't know and neither does anybody else right now but as you read this, it sure makes sense that small residential structures will be built in the place of big ones for renting and not for owning.

    If you were watching the congressional testimony of America's Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, the son of a communist, you would hear him say that we needed to have a national conversation on whether the government should mandate airlines to require a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination for people boarding all flights, foreign and domestic.

    The next step after requiring Americans to show their papers before boarding flights will be to require the same for them to renew their driver's license. It's coming. If the momentum towards health tyranny is not slowed, it's coming.

    It comes as no surprise that the Biden administration announced that it wants to launch a $1 billion vaccine awareness campaign, otherwise known as propaganda.

    Assuming the industry is able to ramp up production, you should expect to be propagandized, coerced, incentivized, bribed and lied to by people who want to get this experimental biological agent into your veins by the end of this year. That in itself should make you very leery. Why are they so desperate to get this unknown biochemical agent injected into everyone, even kids? It is certainly doubtful that they are concerned about the health of older people, who are most susceptible to the Wuhan virus. We know the CDC and is supporters who are media liars, greatly exaggerated the death count and under-emphasized the fact that there are several very effective therapeutic treatments for the virus. But they can't let the virus fade from the realm of scary things that keep you distracted and in fear. As long as you are distracted and in fear you will continue to be uninformed about the things you should legitimately be concerned about-permanently life-altering things that will soon be coming down the pike with the Green New Deal and Great Reset, which are planned to work hand-in-hand to destroy her jobs, your savings your health and your way of life.

    Remember, they need you to be mentally and emotionally off your game, totally desperate, weary, confused and depressed in order to get you to accept the horrific plans they have concocted for your future. That includes a life in a tiny apartment in a city where you don't own anything and conduct most of your life's basic functions in a virtual online world. There will be no cash, meaning every transaction is trackable, and every expression of your individuality is watched and listened to in order to make sure it's approved by the Big Brother overseers in Big Tech. Cashless transactions are already in use in Europe. They claim that they want your input into the new system. They say this, will be more "inclusive", than the old capitalist system. Is that the reason why conservatives can't stay on social media and those who do manage to keep their accounts are having them censored and fact checked when leftist can get away with saying whatever they want on those platforms?

    The left are masters of incrementalism. This is a term used to depict the approaching tortoise that is moving so slow that you know is coming but you don't see them coming until you wake up one day and he is nose to nose with you. Incrementalism has been used since the turn-of-the-century and has been in practice in the United States ever since then with the long-term approach that socialists have used to gain a foothold in the United States to promote their goals and aims. Socialist organizations, such as the Fabian Socialists, have sent people to the United States to get indoctrinated into the American life and attend American institutions of higher learning and use powers of persuasion to get professors and students and a great many others to accept their point of view which would ultimately lead us to the point where socialism becomes a real possibility for us at this point in history.

    The left is always about curtailing basic freedoms, whether that be freedom of speech, assembly, movement, the right to bear arms. They are 100% against all of the traditional freedoms that people take for granted in America. But they know that if they outlawed all of them at one time, they would cause people to wake up and push back and push back hard. So instead, they move thoughtfully, but always pushing the envelope. True to their totalitarian leanings, these leftists are also globalist. That means they hate America, not because it is America, but because it is free. A strong free and independent people are not easily led around with a government nose ring. But desperate impoverished fearful people are easily led.

    Now that you have the information above, you should pay attention to the real dynamic that is playing out right in front of our faces, the slide into totalitarianism under the guise of the global Great Reset. You should be prepared to be called names such as "conspiracy theorist" and a spreader of "misinformation." This certainly comes as no surprise to anyone who is watching the news every day. Anything that is said by anyone that disagrees with the mainstream media is labeled as a conspiracy theorist or that they are spreading misinformation. That is what gave the Big Tech companies the license to censor, along with the stated approval of Congressman Adam Schiff to delist conservative messages and individuals under the guise that conservatives were spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. Once Big Tech got the green light, they proceeded to expand censorship to include Pres Trump, Mike Lindell and Sen Ron Johnson among others. This became "The Camel's Nose".


    We are facing systematic changes to the country we were born into, grew up in, married and created a family, and made a life for ourselves. These changes appear to threaten the future of our country's very survival as we have known it. When Pres Biden answered a question saying that he did not know if the Republican Party would exist in 4 years, was he kidding or serious. No one knows exactly. But with the constant drum beat of approaching socialism, we can't take anything for granted.

    Every person who believes in this country and what it stands for, needs to be certain to vote in the next election at all elected positions, and drive the Socialists into the political wilderness. Our very future depends on us to save it from ruination.

Is it fair or even patriotic to threaten states that do not conform to the Democratic Socialists' mandate to control the outcome of Free and Fair elections enacted by constitutionally guaranteed states' legislatures?
  Yes, all elections must be federalized so that the whim of the majority political party can set the standard for all elections.
  No, Our Founders purposefully decentralized elections by guaranteeing only states' legislatures the independent right to enact Free and Fair elections.
  I don't vote and I don't care.
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