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Where is the Apology from the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai?

    Last Friday, six US soldiers were murdered by members of the Afghan units we are spending millions of dollars to train. Three US marines were callously murdered by a treacherous Afghan police commander after inviting them to share a meal with him. That very same evening, three more soldiers were killed by another policeman. This was the third and fourth times in less than a week that Afghans have turned on their colleagues.

    When the Korans were accidently burned, President Obama profusely apologized to the Muslims. However, I have yet to hear an apology from the Muslims for the death of hundreds of Christians in the past year. Nor, have I heard an apology from Hamid Karzai to the American people for the cowardly murder of the soldiers who are trying to help his country emerge from the dark ages. The NATO forces have started schools that include women, so they can take their rightful place in society. Hospitals and aid stations were started where there were none.. Yet, with all the improvements we have paid and died for to put in place, we have made little progress in educating the majority of the Afghan people that there is a big exciting world just waiting for them to explore if they would reach out and grab it. Sadly, the ignorance, the lack of education, and the corruption will continue to enslave them to the past.

    We are waging a losing battle in Afghanistan at a cost we can no longer afford. We have spent over $556 billion that can be accounted for. There are countless billions more that has been squandered and stolen. Over 2,000 of our brave young men and women have died in this war. Since the war started in 2001, over 15,786 of our soldiers have been wounded. Just since Osama was killed through March 2012, we have had 4,341 wounded. The mental strain of three and four tours is taking its morbid toll. There is an average of one suicide a day within the active ranks. And I am sure the suicide rate is high with returning vets.

    For all the blood and treasure we have lavished on Afghanistan we have accomplished very little. It is still a very corrupt country that exports 375 tons of heroin a year, and much of it makes it to our shores to destroy our citizens. The Taliban is regrouping and gaining power. The military and police units we are training are turning against us and killing us with no provocation.

    We need to withdraw from Afghanistan now before another US soldier is murdered. If we can't trust the military and police units we are working with, we have no business being there.
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( August 15th, 2012 @ 8:06 am )
We're in Afghanistan to show its citizens the "big exciting world just waiting for them to explore"? I'm glad I read this article as I had no idea this was one of our primary incentives for invading their country. Nor did I realize that "American" and "Christian" were synonymous. Or are you only seeking apologies for the deaths of American servicemen of the Christian faith?

The war in Afghanistan isn't about religion. It's a part of the "global war on terror," remember? For this reason (and countless others) it made perfect sense for Obama to apologize for the "accidental" burning of Korans.

We have absolutely no reason to believe the people of Afghanistan will ultimately support our endeavors in their country. The fact that military and police units trained by the United States are killing U.S. servicemen is tragic but unsurprising.

Having served four years in the Marine Corps ( Cherry Point, '94 - '98 ) I am as devastated by our losses in Afghanistan and Iraq as any American citizen. Several friends of mine are still serving and each would agree with your assessment of our need for withdrawal. Their families and I certainly agree wholeheartedly. That being said, I don't think bringing religion into the discussion will bring us any closer to this shared goal.

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