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Y’all Come! ... Part 3

(July, 2021)

There ought to be a law against Rhyming in Politics. Why? Because...

  • A Clear Thinker among our Political Rulers gets into a debate with one of the many Not Clear Thinkers who dominate our Congress.
  • He is making one Clear Thinking Point after another.
  • His Not Clear Thinking Opponent’s head is spinning.
  • His many fellow Not Clear Thinking Cohorts are pulling for him but they are worried because they can see he is on the ropes.
  • Then it happens...the Not Clear Thinking On The Ropes Guy pulls a rabbit out of his hat.
  • He comes up with a Rhyme and all Valid Logical Arguments are for naught.
  • The Clear Thinker has lost, the Not Clear Thinker has won and the Clear Thinker might as well go to Happy Hour early.

Our Vice President is a prime example of which I speak because, back in 2017, the newly elected Senator Kamala Harris stopped all argument against Open Borders when she blurted out this Rhyme...

“Say it loud. Say it clear. Everyone is welcome here.”

End of argument! That’s all she wrote! That’s how the cow eats the cabbage! Let’s go to Happy Hour!


Y’all Come! ... Part 2

(October, 2018)

My morning paper tells me that me that presently there is a new caravan of 1,500 migrants heading to the Good Ole USofA from Honduras. Some people up here are really concerned about what’s coming up here from down there.

If these Concerned People would only read my Foolishness they would not be so concerned. Only this past June 30th I wrote a Blog Posting that showed the Silver Lining in this Caravan Craziness.

Sometime I get down on myself because the Whole World does not read my Foolishness. It’s times like these where I am tempted to give up the ghost (whatever that means) and stop writing these Absurdities. Then I start thinking I am running low on Silliness but do not concern yourself about my really quitting because I’m Full Of It.

The June 30th Blog Posting is repeated below.


Y’all Come!

(June, 2018)

Immigration is all the rage at present. The poor unfortunate souls who were unlucky enough to be born in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador feel they need to get out of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and they have chosen the Good Ole USofA as their preferred choice of where they want to live.

A lot of Americans think We Have Lots of Room Up Here and, if they want to come live with us, we have an obligation to let them come up here if they want to come up here...

I Say We Ought Not Wait For Them to Decide If They Want To Be Our Neighbors!

I think we should send a whole bunch of planes down there and bring every one of them up here because, as stated above, We Have Lots of Room Up Here.

If later we were to decide, after we have them all up here for a while and we don’t like what the Good Ole USofA has turned into, we can just move down there because there will be no one living down there and there will be Lots of Room Down There.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: I can tell that some of you are questioning my use of “Y’all Come” as the Subject of these Blog Postings. Well, Picky People, are not such phrases as “Y’all Come” used in the South? Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are a lot further South than our South is South. They must certainly say “Y’all Come” that far South. That ends my Clear Thinking Argument! Y’all should know better than to question me!

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