Are We the People Conservative Terrorists? Our Government Seems to Think So! | Beaufort County Now | The mere fact that our government is prepared to treat us as criminals and terrorists because we question our government ought to scare the hell out of everyone. To find out that policies and procedures have been reduced to writing suggests that the implementation of these procedures may be...

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We the people question the policies and procedures that our Government imposes on us. But rather than think that we are acting Constitutionally, they label us as dissidents and terrorists. What a distortion of our Constitutional Rights!

We have the right to petition our Government and to ask questions. We have the right to seek redress when government oversteps its bounds. One would think that we work for them rather than the other way around.

So it is disheartening and concerning when we learn that the DHS has issued a terror alert equating Americans who oppose government Covid restrictions with 9/11 terrorists.

We now find out that the US National Guard is recruiting for a job position described as “Intermittent/Resettlement Specialist” at the same time the Department of Homeland Security is putting out alerts on “potential terrorist threat” appear to equate Americans opposing government Covid measures with foreign terrorist who attacked America on 9/11. The DHS alert encourages Americans to “report threats of violence, including online threats, to local  law enforcement, FBI field offices, or local Fusion Center.”

The National Guards website states it is looking for men and women between the ages of 17 and 35 in good physical shape to serve in its military police units as intermittent and resettlement specialists. The E 31 classification jobs will work in “Search/Restraint.” Under Some of the Skills You’ll Learn,” the posting with a job location listed as Washington DC gives the following information.


Internment/resettlement specialists are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/intermittent facility.


Supervision of confinement and detention operations

External security to facilities

Counseling/guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program

Records of prisoners/internees and their programs

it should not be assumed these positions are for overseas detention facilities.

The US Army published a 326 page training manual on February 12, 2010 on how to detain civilians which included a clear description of detention caps that could be established here in the US homeland.

The document titled as described includes foreign and domestic detention of what it calls Civil Internees.

Section 2 – 39 of the 2010 documents reads:

“Civil Support is the DOD support US civilian authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other agencies. Civil support includes operations that address the consequences of natural or man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidences in the United States and its territories.”

In section 2 – 40, the document further defines the role of these positions:

“These tasks performed in support of civil support operations are similar to those during combat operations, but the techniques and procedures are modified based on the special requirements associated with operating within US territory and according to the categories of individuals to be housed in these facilities.”

The document describes the camps in great detail, including searches of detainees, how to silence them through the use of facemasks and stuffing muffling objects into their mouths, etc.

What follows is a direct quote from the document in Section 3 – 56, describing the duties of a “Psychological Operations Officer.”

Develops PSYOP products that are designed to pacify and assimilate detainees to accept facility authority and regulations.

Gains the cooperation of detainees to reduce the number of guards needed.

Identifies malcontents, trained agitators, and political leaders within the facility who may try to organize resistance or create disturbances.

Develops and executes indoctrination programs to reduce or remove antagonistic attitudes.

Identifies political activists.

Provides loudspeaker support.

Helps the military police commander control detainee and populations during emergencies.

Plans and executes a PSYOP program that produces an understanding and appreciation of US policies and actions.

Upon capture, the document says “soldiers process detainees using the search, silence, segregate, speed, safeguard and tag technique. This technique provides a structure to guide soldiers in conducting detainee operations until they transfer custody of detainees to another authority or location.

Search. Neutralize a detainee and confiscate weapons, personal items, and terms of potential intelligence and/or evidentiary value.

Silence. Prevent detainees from communicating with one another or making all up all clamor such as chanting, singing, or praying. Silence uncooperative detainees by muffling them with a soft, clean cloth tied around their mouths and fastened at the backs of their heads. Do not use duct tape or other adhesives, place a cloth or either objects inside the mouth, or apply physical force to silence detainees.

Segregate. Segregate detainees according to policy and SOP.

The mere fact that our government is prepared to treat us as criminals and terrorists because we question our government ought to scare the hell out of everyone. To find out that policies and procedures have been reduced to writing suggests that the implementation of these procedures may be in our very near future. You will remember that the government as well as other organizations such as the World Economic Forum, in partnership with Facebook and Twitter are already asking citizens to identify neighbors who seem to have taken a radical view of government activities and policies. Now we know what they intend to do with us that may be taken into custody and held in the facilities described above.

This government that we are dealing with now is becoming more and more autocratic with each passing day.

We must be prepared for the onset of the implementations of the plans described herein and be prepared to fight back with all the might that we possess. These matters are unconstitutional in my view, but as Maxine Waters said recently, who cares. We’ve got the Army and we have the guns. Pretty frightening isn’t it.

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