The Beaufort County Commissioners Pick a Chairman and Vice Chairman - December 6, 2021 | Beaufort County Now | Each governing year, the Beaufort County Commissioners pick a chairman and vice chairman, and almost every year since December, 2004, the nominal Republicans have conspired with the Democrats to pick both positions in the center of the dais.

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    January 12, 2022 - Publisher's note: Due to a publishing SNAFU, I have been remiss in my duties, here at BCN, regarding the proper categorization of county government publications; in particular, the Enhanced County Government Videos, begun August 1, 2019.

    Therefore, to thoroughly correct this miscue, I will make the proper categorical correction, and bring these archives forward beginning on January 12, 2022; mixing these historical patterns of fact in with the current news of our day. Some posts brought forward will not be video broadcasts, but most informative posts as to who and what you Beaufort County Commissioners are, and how they govern.

On December 6, 2021, with a paper politcal analysis of five "Republicans" serving out of seven county commissioners, Nominal "Republican" Frankie Waters was elected chairman over Republican Stan Deatherage, by a 4 to 3 vote, while Democratic Socialist Jerry Langley defeated Republican Randy Walker by a vote of also 4 to 3. If one has a proclevity to understand simple math, and can work word problems to the point of understanding the why of things, this should be a simple read of the motivations of these "Republican" interlopers; further discussed here below.

    Each governing year, the Beaufort County Commissioners pick a chairman and vice chairman, and almost every year since December, 2004, these elected nominal Republicans have conspired with the Democrat commissioners to pick both positions in the center of the dais; making a nominal Republican chairman, and a Democratic Socialist as vice chairman.

    Additionally, to add to the incredible nominalism of these pseudo Republicans, many of whom join the Republican party to seek the office of Beaufort County commissioner, and since 2014 these fake Republican interlopers have made a steady strategy of an ongoing and continual caucus with the Democratic Socialist commissioners to not only select the chairman /vice chairman, but to set "bipartisan" policy regarding taxing and spending, and the oversight thereof, which is their sworn charge as elected county executives.

    Obviously, this weird amalgamation of Democratic Socialists interlocking and governing in lockstep with these fake Republican interlopers makes for a strange political brew of the self-interested, when, alternately, there exists a so-called "Republican" super majority on these many boards of Beaufort County Commissioners.

     While this terribly dishonest political behavior has been allowed to continue to exist for far too long, that is about to change as the engine of greater prospective transparency, going forward, is already in the works at a time when middle Americans are just about fed up with dishonest polititicians, who are plentiful, and in Beaufort County, there is no exception to that terrible rule of the way it really is.

Watch as the status quo so quickly forms, and thus continues for yet another year here in Beaufort County: Below.

    If you are interested in our archived selection of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings, whether segmented by subject or full in scope, they can be found here in BCN's enhanced format.

    Publisher's note: If you are interested in our Archive of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings can be found here in this aforementioned enhanced format.

    Additionally, if you wish to catch up on some of the most important Beaufort County Commissioners meeting of 2019 through 2022, click here.

Should Beaufort County's commissioners be resolved to ask the federal government to defend our Southern Border by ending the Biden /Harris Open Border policy in regards to that one border that is intentionally made wide OPEN?
  Yes, Illegal Migrants are a huge expense to local governments.
  No, the cost of Undocumented Immigrants is insignificant in our providing a pathway for Dramatic Demographic Upheaval..
  I do not care about important issues since I only consider my own pleasures.
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( December 12th, 2021 @ 6:37 pm )
The Republican interlopers remain in charge, or ... is it the Democratic Socialists here in Beaufort County government?

It has become impossible to tell the difference between the two here within the county's most imposing local government.

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