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By Hunter Hines
Christian Action League
December 16, 2021

Another North Carolina County has approved a pro-life resolution.

On Thursday, December 9, Randolph County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution that states that life begins at conception. The resolution had been before the Board since its November meeting.

Yadkin, Wilkes, Davie, and Davidson counties passed similar resolutions earlier this year. Randolph County becomes the fifth county to speak in favor of life. Its resolution, which is one of the stronger ones, declares the county to be a “sanctuary for life.”

The resolution states:

“The Randolph County Board of Commissioners hereby recognizes and declares the full humanity of the pre-born child and declares Randolph County to be a sanctuary for the pre-born, where the dignity of every human being will be defended and promoted from conception or fertilization through all stages of development.

“The Randolph County Board of Commissioners hereby resolves to enforce this resolution by all means within its power, in accordance with its responsibility as the people’s elected local representatives.

“Based upon the desire to be recognized as a sanctuary county for life, the Randolph County Board of Commissioners shall arrange for the placement of a suitable commemorative plaque on the grounds of the county government declaring the county of Randolph to be a ‘sanctuary for the pre-born.’

“Based upon this resolution, the Randolph County Board of Commissioners will organize a public meeting to request input from citizens, churches, and other social organizations to determine possible measures to be adopted within the means and power of the county in order to provide support for mothers and fathers of pre-born children and to become a county that truly welcomes and protects the gift of life from conception or fertilization through all stages of development.”

The resolution was spearheaded by a national pro-life group, The Personhood Alliance, based in Centerville, Tennessee. Personhood North Carolina, an affiliate of the national organization, states on its website the group is made up of pastors and community members. Their purpose is to oppose the assaults on human life which permeate the country.

“The group seeks to build a culture of life in North Carolina,” they declare on the website, “by sharing the Gospel throughout local communities, educating the Church on biblical personhood, and raising up Christian men and women to defend and protect life and family in the state legislature and through our Safe Cities and Counties initiative.”

According to the minutes of the Randolph County Board of Commissioners, when the resolution was first brought up for consideration in November, Rev. Mark Wilburn, associate pastor of Balfour Baptist Church in Asheboro, said children were being put to death without a voice, and he was appearing before the Board as a voice for them. Asheboro resident Brent Tysinger spoke of historical occurrences that were ‘wicked and evil’ such as slavery, eugenics, the Holocaust, and the legalization of abortion. Both men were part of a pastor delegation that pushed the county’s resolution.

Rev. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League, said Randolph County’s resolution is a powerful and effective means for advancing the right to life.

“I think it builds a groundswell from the bottom up. It’s like dye in the water, it’s just a little drop in the bigger scheme of things, but over time it has a way of coloring the whole. This is what I believe every pro-life North Carolinian would want to happen in every county in this state. I am thrilled to see pastors stepping up, speaking out, and leading the way.” said Creech.

Creech added that the Supreme Court case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which was taken up by the High Court recently, will undoubtedly impact the force of resolutions like the ones passed in North Carolina counties.

“Right now, such resolutions are important, but they are largely symbolic. But Dobbs v. Jackson challenges two landmark cases on abortion, Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Should the court overturn these cases, and from the responses by the Justices during oral arguments it seems quite plausible, then these resolutions can empower communities to follow through with substantive action,” said Creech. “I want to encourage every Christian to earnestly pray for the Justices as they decide this particular case. Five Republican-appointed Justices other than Roberts indicated a full repeal of Roe. That would make a vote of five out of nine, which is a majority. We can’t know what the court will do. But this much we do know, the possibility for fundamental change is not remote, and our God is with us on this issue.”

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