Chicago Man With Pending Gun Charges Arrested For Carjacking At Gunpoint, Admits To Murder | Beaufort County Now | A Chicago man out on bail for charges related to gun crimes was arrested earlier this month for using a gun while carjacking a man. Once arrested, the suspect admitted to murdering someone during a robbery.

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    A Chicago man out on bail for charges related to gun crimes was arrested earlier this month for using a gun while carjacking a man. Once arrested, the suspect admitted to murdering someone during a robbery.

    CWB Chicago reported that the suspect has been so far only charged with the carjacking at gunpoint, even though police say the suspect admitted to murder in a recorded interview. From CWB Chicago:

    The North Side carjacking took place around 6 a.m. on December 1 in the 7000 block of North California.

    A 47-year-old man was sitting in his car as it warmed up when a man wearing a ski mask opened his driver's door, displayed a handgun with an extended ammunition magazine, and ordered him to "get out of the f*cking car," Assistant State's Attorney Morgan Muslin said.

    As the victim struggled to unbuckle his seatbelt, the gunman reached into the car and pulled him out. He then hit the victim in the head and climbed behind the wheel.

    That's when another car, allegedly driven by 23-year-old Julius Flowers, pulled up. Flowers yelled to the gunman that he should get the victim's phone, too, according to Muslin. She said Flowers' face was not covered during the exchange.

    The victim's car was found 30 minutes later in Evanston with two of Flowers' fingerprints on the driver's door.

    A week later, police found a hijacked vehicle that sped away when police attempted to pull it over. A police airplane followed the car until it crashed. Flowers was behind the wheel, while another man, Isiah Walker, was in the passenger seat. Both of the men ran from the car, Walker dropping a loaded handgun as he did so before both were arrested.

    Walker, according to police, was the gunman in the first hijacking, identified by a distinctive tattoo visible under his ski mask.

    More from CWB Chicago:

    Muslin told Judge Kelly McCarthy that Flowers recently admitted to being the gunman who shot and killed someone in another robbery, but she did not elaborate.

    She said Flowers was convicted of leaving the scene of an accident causing injury or death in 2019. As a juvenile, he was adjudicated delinquent for disorderly conduct and unlawful use of a weapon.

    Prosecutors charged Flowers with vehicular hijacking, armed robbery with a firearm, and robbery. Walker, who was on parole for a gun conviction at the time of the alleged hijacking, is charged with vehicular hijacking and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. Muslin said he has previous convictions for possessing a stolen motor vehicle and aggravated battery.

    Both men are being held without bail.

    This is just the latest story of Chicago's crime problems. Earlier this month, The Daily Wire reported that Chicago's Cook County is on track to record the most homicides in decades, with more than 1,000 homicides in the county in 2021.

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