Investigators Still Trying To Determine How Massive Colorado Fire Started | Beaufort County Now | Those investigating the massive fire in Colorado are still trying to determine how the blaze started.

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    Those investigating the massive fire in Colorado are still trying to determine how the blaze started.

    USA Today reported that at "least two people were still missing and more than 1,000 houses and businesses were destroyed or damaged in the fire that blitzed a 10-square-mile area in Boulder County around the towns of Superior and Louisville."

    Initially, authorities thought downed power lines had caused the fire, but Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle has since said that there's an "open and active investigation" into the blaze's origin and that the investigation could take weeks or months, emphasizing the importance of getting the investigation right.

    "[T]hat is more important than the urge for speed that a lot of folks are feeling right now," he said.

    Pelle noted that authorities were focusing on one neighborhood west of the affected towns that he believes is where the fire started.

    "I'm not a trained fire investigator. It's really obvious where that fire started and what direction it went in," he said, according to USA Today.

    Pelle also said authorities had executed a search warrant at a home in the neighborhood and had received numerous tips.

    "It's complicated, and it's all covered with a foot of snow," Pelle said.

    As The Daily Wire previously reported, the "massive fire in northern Colorado burned hundreds of homes to the ground in a suburban area and forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes as strong winds of more than 100 mph caused the fire to spread rapidly."

    "Nearly 600 homes have been destroyed in the Marshall Fire - along with hotels, shopping centers and businesses. The fire had burned 1,600 acres and was still growing Thursday night," CBS News Denver reported. "All residents in the Town of Superior and Louisville - and parts of Broomfield - were directed to evacuate due to threat of fire Thursday afternoon and evening."

    "Superior's 12,000 people were the first to be evacuated, followed by Louisville with a population of about 20,000. Later in the evening, evacuations widened and parts of Broomfield were under pre-evacuation orders," The Denver Post reported.

    Snow on Friday helped firefighters control the blaze, but the snow has also complicated the search for those still missing, USA Today reported.

    Sheriff Pelle, at his press conference, stated that "If it turns out to be arson or reckless behavior with fire, we'll take appropriate actions."

    Gov. Jared Polis (D-CO) echoed those sentiments in a news conference on Sunday.

    "If there was any form of deliberate or accidental arson, I fully expect that any of those responsible will be held fully responsible under the law for the utter devastation that was caused," Polis said.

    Polis declared a state of emergency after the fire broke out last week.

    "Don't head towards the fires looking to see them," he said at the time. "We are getting reports of clogged roads from onlookers. Also, it's very dangerous. Stay clear of the areas with fires and let our firefighters and first responders do their work."

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