Top UK bureaucrat accuses gov't of propaganda over Covid | Eastern North Carolina Now

cites unfounded scare tactics


Dr. Simon Ruda is a behavioral scientist who helped found and run Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "Nudge Unit" housed at Number 10 Downing Street, which is both the residence and office of the prime minister.  The unit is responsible for "nudging" public opinion in the way the government wants.

Now,  Ruda is speaking out about the unit's role in pushing the Covid policies of Johnson and his ministers.  He accuses the government of misusing fear in a propagandistic manner with scare tactics to coerce the public to obey the draconian rules of Johnson's lockdowns.  He said the use of fear was "egregious" and would have long term consequences.  Ruda declared that the use of nudge tactics during the pandemic amounted to "state sanctioned propaganda".

Ruda also criticized the Johnson government for the lack of diversity of opinion within its scientific team, which was stacked with those who pushed the worst case scenarios on the pandemic.

It is a good bet that there is something like the "Nudge Unit" operating within the Biden regime.  Will any of its members have the courage to come forward and spill the beans?

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Jann said:
( January 15th, 2022 @ 9:28 pm )
How many times have these elites been busted! The more you dig and research the more you find.

Tal Zacs the former CEO of Moderna did a Ted talk in 2017 about the "Software of Life." What's that you ask? It's rewriting the genetic code basically it's apart of the transhumanism of the Great Reset. Mr. Zacs now works for OrbiMed which is the largest health care firm in the world.

Amy Kruse served as Vice President of Cubic Global Defense and a program manager at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) talks about Human 2.0 and how we need an "upgrade." Looking further into her you learn about PKMzeta which is about wiping out and changing memory.

It all somehow goes back to Obama and his Brain Initiative in 2013. Where him and Francis Collins director of NIH (National Institute of Health) announced to the world about advancing innovative neurotechnologies.
This COVID is just a way for them to push their plans through faster.

Connect the dots..

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