North Carolina Remains an Emergency Powers State Even as Covid Threat Wanes | Beaufort County Now | North Carolina continues under the Authoritarian yoke of an Emergency Powers executive governing stance as Authoritarian Cooper refuses to rescind his extra authority of Emergency Powers even though his own government's bureaucrats admits that the Covid threat is in a diminishing state.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
    This issue of sanctioned Authoritarianism is an issue that must be remedied in North Carolina as soon as is possible.

The poitical tool of Covid is still in play in North Carolina, and will remain as such until after the general election.

    North Carolina continues under the Authoritarian yoke of an Emergency Powers executive governing stance as Authoritarian Cooper refuses to rescind his extra authority of Emergency Powers even though his own government's bureaucrats admits that the Covid threat is in a diminishing state. This level of dishonest governing will remain in effect in North Carolina until after the next general election, where there are two possibilities overturn this governor's proclivity toward Authoritarianism: 1) Win a Republican majority on the NC Supreme Court; 2) Win a Republican super majority in the bicameral North Carolina general assembly.

    To frame this all in the reality of how politics /governing works here in North Carolina, the purpose to this imperative importance of electing Republicans as much as possible in the real environment of politically doing what is right - to elect people to represent US and the constitutional provisions, both state and federal - that guarantee our freedoms. This is why the most prudent course for Right thinking North Carolinians /Americans is to elect politicians /judges that respect the North Carolina Constitution, but not inconsistent with the United States Constitution, to be interpreted as is, or as amended. Ergo, the imperative to elect, in this 2022 General Election, the best and brightest politicians, and especially ones that lean toward a patriotic path: 1) Conservative jurists; 2) Conservative North Carolina Legislators and Senators. And still, this may not be enough, so there is always Plan C - elect a Conservative Governor in the 2024 General Election, that will put constitutional patriotism over personal politics, who will do whatever it takes to make North Carolina's Emergency Powers Act well defined and fully constitutional in its future well intended purpose.

    For the last 24, and continuing months, Authoritarian Cooper was in complete control of the fortunes and spoils of Covid in North Carolina, blocking functional oversight from the North Carolina general assembly and the North Carolina council of state, unless that department be one administered by a Democratic Socialist ally. During that ongoing period, this Democratic Socialist governor followed the blue print prescribed by the Central Committee for the Benefit of Marxist Policy. This ad hoc group, with its origins in the Democratic Socialist US House and Senate, used the public's fear and the public's money to reward all Authoritarians, such as North Carolina's Governor Cooper, providing these Socialist soldiers towed the Democratic Socialist line; that same line that has propelled this Representative Republic into its current sorry state, rudderless, self-indulgent, with no direction to escape the gathering storm just over the horizon.

    During that last 24 month period, Beaufort County has been tremendously impacted: 1) Non essential locally owned businesses closed, while big box non locally owned businesses considered essential and remained open, 2) Public Schools closed for nearly a full year, while school children forced to constantly wear masks that proved mostly ineffectual, when public schools re-opened; 3) Inconvenienced an entire society of North Carolina citizens with economically debilitating, illogical lockdowns, while paying people not to work for incredibly far too long, which has crushed the productive spirit in a tremendous quantity of those that must pull in unison for OUR state's continued success, or currently the lack there of (big societal problems not yet made public); 4) Election Integrity in North Carolina's 2020 general election suffered, in terms of public confidence, due to the ugly specter of probable ballot harvesting for the benefit of certain Democratic Socialist candidates due to the unprecedented number of Covid inspired Absentee Ballots floating around, a condition directly influenced by the Authoritarian Cooper administration.

    I could continue here, but the high points will have to suffice due to my constant constraint of time, leaving one to conclude, there is just one entity to blame for this mess that North Carolina finds its self in - Authoritarian Cooper.


    In a Constitutional Republic such as ours, OUR government is designed to work best for all when power is diminished for the few, and allocated continually to the many. Authoritarianism, whether by Democratic Socialist Cooper, or a future Republican governor is bad medicine for a properly functioning Representative Republic. If there are those that cannot understand this simple logic, this foundational principle for good self-governing, it would be wise to take this opportunity to seek the better light of real knowledge; knowledge not tainted by the dishonest politics of Democratic Socialism.

The chart of all 50 united states showing the political leanings of each, and whether these states still embrace Emergency Orders (Emergency Powers): Below.

    From the chart above, currently, we can surmise there are 29 states that have allowed Emergency Orders (Emergency Powers) to expire, while 21 states still have governors that continue to employ these exogenous powers. Of the 21 aforementioned states, 14 are Democratic Socialists, 7 are Republicans.
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