Resolution to Make Beaufort County a Sanctuary County for Business by Ignoring all Executive Orders Issued by Governor Roy Cooper | Beaufort County Now | Beaufort County Businesses have suffered disproportionately during Governor Roy Cooper's shutdown of "nonessential businesses" as opposed to his opinion of what are "essential businesses" here in North Carolina.

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On Monday, June 1, 2020, a resolution will be presented to the Beaufort County Commissioners regarding the Governor of North Carolina overstepping his constitutional authority to shut down North Carolina businesses in a willy-nilly manner by his executive order, and to make Beaufort County a sanctuary county to further insulate itself from any further unconstitutional acts by this Authoritarian governor.

    The resolution here below was written by Constituent Steve Rader, former General Counsel staff member during the Governor James G. Martin Administration, who is no stranger to writing resolutions regarding all matters of governing in a free republic such as our's struggles to be. At the core of Mr. Rader's resolution is the question: How much power does Governor Roy Cooper possess when he issues an Executive Order under the Emergency Powers act, which is not sanctioned directly by the North Carolina Constitution, but is empowered by general statute as was legislated by the North Carolina General Assembly?

Resolution to Make Beaufort County a Sanctuary County for Business by Ignoring all Executive Orders Issued by Governor Roy Cooper

    Whereas, multiple counties and cities in multiple states around the country have allowed businesses to reopen in defiance of state governors' lockdown orders, through action of county commissions, sheriffs, district attorneys, mayors, and / or city councils,

    Whereas, the only state Supreme Court to have heard a case on governors' lockdown orders, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, struck down that lockdown order as an abuse of power, and

    Whereas, a federal District Court judge in North Carolina has issued a temporary restraining order against Governor Roy Cooper's lockdown executive order on churches, admonishing the governor that "there is no pandemic exception in the US Constitution", and

    Whereas, Governor Roy Cooper has failed to secure the required concurrence of the NC Council of State for his executive orders restricting private citizens and businesses due to the coronavirus outbreak, rendering them void, and

    Whereas, Article 1, Section 7 of the North Carolina Constitution prohibits suspension of laws without consent of the General Assembly, and does not allow suspension of the Constitution itself at all,

    Be it resolved that the Beaufort County Commission declares Beaufort County to be a sanctuary county for business where Governor Roy Cooper's executive orders 118, 120, 121, 131,133, and 135 shall not apply, and

    Be it further resolved that no resources of Beaufort County, including but not limited to, personnel, facilities, equipment, vehicles, and other property, shall be used in any fashion to enforce or provide surveillance for Governor Cooper's executive orders 118, 120, 121, 131, 133, and 135, and

    Be it further resolved that the Beaufort County Commission calls upon Governor Cooper to comply with the Emergency Management Act to confer with and obtain the necessary concurrence from the North Carolina Council of State for any further executive orders he may attempt to issue during a state of emergency, as that act requires for orders restricting private citizens and businesses

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In the Age of Coronavirus, regarding the level of authority that North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has exacted in his rule over the People of his state: What would you consider that measure of Authoritarianism to be?
  Not enough to keep everyone in line.
  Too much and exceeded his authority by usurping the People's God given freedoms.
  Just about right.
88 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, should Beaufort County and North Carolina continue to remain closed except for "essential" businesses favored by Governor Cooper?
  Yes, Beaufort County and all of North Carolina should remain closed until Governor Cooper grants his executive permission.
  No, Beaufort County and North Carolina should reopen NOW, in measured increments, especially in counties where the Coronavirus has had little impact.
  I don't care about the local economy; I have Netflix, plenty of money, fattening foods, and enough toilet paper to outlast this pandemic.
224 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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