Beaufort County NOW is one of the top three news and information websites originating from Beaufort County | Beaufort County Now | In just over three years, our Symbiotic Publisher prototype, Beaufort County NOW, has become one of the top three news and information websites originating from Beaufort County.

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Beaufort County NOW is one of the top three news and information websites originating from Beaufort County

Beaufort County NOW will begin marketing our unique set of Internet marketing tools locally and regionally.

   In just over three years, our Symbiotic Publisher Content Management System (CMS) prototype, Beaufort County NOW, has become one of the top three news and information websites originating from Beaufort County. In terms of the raw data collected, the top three websites are WITN (TV news), Beaufort County NOW (moderated informational platform that is geocentric), Beaufort Observer (edited news source). As far as I can tell from the raw data that I have compiled, there is a wide gulf between us, at the top, and everyone else.

    Beaufort County NOW has long been a dream of mine: To construct a moderated informational platform that is geocentric, which will provide a place for people to share ideas, constructive information, and hopefully raise the collective spirits and the intellect of this, and any other community. To do all this as effectively as I desired in this dream of mine, I found that the collection of technology was not readily available, so ... we had to build it ourselves, hence the Symbiotic Publisher Content Management System (CMS).

    Our CMS is proprietary, and it is constantly in a state of improvement, so accordingly, BCN is in a constant state of perpetual change as well. Of all the regional news and information sites that are available regionally, we offer the most effective leading edge technology, and therefore as well, our information and advertisement delivery is second to none. Without any other form of marketing our Beaufort County NOW, one has to wonder how we moved so far, so fast, so quickly.

    To initiate this local marketing campaign, I, Stan Deatherage, BCN originator and publisher, and president of Symbiotic Networks Inc. (SNI), leader of top Internet innovators in northeastern North Carolina, will call on you, or you can contact me: Either way, if you actually think the Internet could help the marketing of your product, you can not wait for the very best, and most affordable Internet marketing vehicle and tools available. Your competition, at some point, will "get the jump on you," and time is a critical component in organically building your Internet presence. That's just the truth of it, and it is undeniable.

    So, if I call on you, please take the time to listen as I explain why our Internet marketing system far exceeds everyone else, and how we plan to keep it this way.

    Remember, or understand this one immutable truth: The Internet is currently the most pure democratically competitive tool ever invented. If you choose your Internet marketing representative because of some sense of misplaced loyalty, or an over-hyped sales presentation consisting of "buzz" words signifying nothing, you will eventually lose out to your competition, and waste a bunch of money in the process.

    I know this because I will be the leader of a team of wicked smart, and well trained individuals, who will be assisting your competition, whether they are local, or the next market close enough to easily drive to, or to receive a package from. That is the way free markets work, and the Internet is the most democratic way to achieve such.
Here below in the "I'll show you mine" whether or not you elect "to show me yours" category are our statistics for traffic and readership for the month of October. Actually, our stats are even higher due to our satellite API feeder sites syphoning off some of the numbers, but not the traffic. All considered, BCN is now getting well over 3,000 people a day. Check out the numbers here: Below.


Latest Regional Business

Only minutes from Greenville and Washington, we offer these unique high lots (no flood insurance) above the wide waters within the Pamlico Estuary, where one can build their dream home.
This bundle of five lots can be split to sold as a pair, or in a combination of three additional lots bringing the total to five, allowing a flexible purpose for many possibilities.
Within the plan of this project, I am offering these lots, and this tract that may be so unique that few, if any other proposed projects would even consider offering such, offering such; an experiment in community where the dreams of many may have individual success, bolstering the community.
Tract C, with frontage on the south side of Old Blounts Creek Road, this is some of the best well drained land on this "River Road" of the Southside.
Deatherage and Associates will begin the offering of 3 tracts of good ground; easily accessible, well drained land, all with water access on the Pamlico River /Chocowinity Bay, with many other commonly owned spaces projected as part of the bargain.
Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has now joined the ranks of those of us who have created moderated informational platforms that act as a hybrid publication.
I am now discovering that there is a new local political movement afoot to cast aspersions against me as a Beaufort County commissioner and as a service provider of extreme quality, even saying that my company is the "Webmaster" for the county site, which is false.


How to fit a niche is often an acquired trait as needs present themselves, especially regarding real property - the space where real people reside.
The connective property, waterfront access fronting the Pamlico River and Chocowinity Bay, inextricably linking Rice Patch Creek Preserve and Calf Creek Preserve to the waterways to the World, will support community access in a full variety of measures.
Extending over 2.57 acres (if purchased in one block, more property offered if subdivided in purchasable building footprints), this Commercial Corner, the former John H. Small property, is now for sale, and may be sold as one tract, or sold in building footprints.
I have a growing collection of images, the vast majority of which are in North Carolina, that I am now offering for sale in a limited edition format.
Beaufort County NOW, Symbiotic Network's (SNI) proud proprietary creation, is open for the business of the region of northeastern North Carolina, and to continue to provide the public it's only original Moderated Informational Platform for the expression and promotion of people, products, places.
Symbiotic Networks (SNI), the creator of Beaufort County NOW and the Content Management System (CMS) that powers it, is introducing a new product that will work in coordination with our Beaufort County NOW, and any additional informational platforms that may be created by SNI.


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