WATCH: ‘What Is A Woman?’ New Trailer For Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh Documentary Revealed | Beaufort County Now | “What is a woman?” That is what Daily Wire host Matt Walsh wants to know. It seems like a simple question, yet with today’s gender ideology and activism, getting a clear answer appears elusive.

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    "What is a woman?" That is what Daily Wire host Matt Walsh wants to know. It seems like a simple question, yet with today's gender ideology and activism, getting a clear answer appears elusive.

    Walsh, a husband, father, host, speaker, and author, travels the country and beyond in a new documentary asking this very question and trying to find a definite answer, only to be met with confusion and hostility from those telling children that they can change their sex.

    "If you ask this question - what is a woman - they become uncomfortable and they simply cannot answer it,' Walsh told the Daily Mail. "Some of these activists we've encountered become militant, vicious, when we ask this question."

    The documentary is available to stream exclusively for Daily Wire members on June 1.


    "Some women have penises, right, some men have vaginas," one "gender affirmation therapist" tells Walsh in the trailer revealed Saturday.

    In one pivotal exchange, a person tells Walsh that "women only know what women are," to which Walsh asks: "Are you a cat?"

    The person replies: "No."

    "Can you tell me what a cat is?" Walsh asks.

    The person looks down before walking away.

    Walsh can also be seen speaking to pediatrician Dr. Michelle Forcier about the use of Leuprolide acetate, commonly referred to as Lupron, as a puberty blocker for children. Lupron is also used to chemically castrate sex offenders. Forcier is shown refusing to answer the question and ending the interview.

    In anticipation for the film, The Daily Wire has sent billboard trucks to Washington, D.C., where a Women's March is taking place, asking: "If you can't define what a woman is, how can you have a women's march?"

    A billboard advertising the documentary will also appear in Times Square.

    The radical gender theory movement "has mounted pressure and cancelation campaigns against companies and individuals to scare them into adopting their agenda without ever having to give a coherent argument," The Daily Wire said earlier this year in a press release regarding the documentary. Walsh's documentary "allows their hollow arguments to speak for themselves - and come crashing down right before the viewers' very eyes," the statement added.

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