Chasten Buttigieg Mocks Kavanaugh For Fleeing Restaurant Amid Protests — But The Joke Blows Up In His Face | Eastern North Carolina Now | Chasten Buttigieg took some serious backlash for a tweet that appeared to condone protesters who forced Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to leave a Washington, D.C., restaurant through the back exit.

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    Chasten Buttigieg took some serious backlash for a tweet that appeared to condone protesters who forced Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to leave a Washington, D.C., restaurant through the back exit.

    Buttigieg responded to reports about Kavanaugh - published Friday in Politico's Playbook - by invoking the Court's recent decision overturning the landmark abortion cases Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey and appearing to suggest that the justice had it coming.

    "Sounds like he just wanted some privacy to make his own dining decisions," Buttigieg tweeted.

    Jeryl Bier noted that Kavanaugh had recently been the target of an alleged assassination attempt, tweeting, "Sounds like you're making light of someone who recently was the target of an assassination attempt."

    "Someone tried to assassinate Kavanaugh a few weeks ago in the home he shares with his wife and very young daughters," Ellen Carmichael added. "You're married to a cabinet secretary. This tweet is deeply irresponsible, and you should be ashamed of yourself. I'm actually stunned that someone who is the spouse of a public official would have so little self-restraint and maturity as to post something like this. Absolutely repugnant behavior."

    "Extremely unbecoming behavior that could have dangerous consequences for public servants and their families. If you can't handle being a freaking grown-up in public life, then maybe you shouldn't try to peddle books and try to become a minor celebrity. Truly gross," she continued. "And I find it odd that the guy who had no problem with his cabinet secretary spouse taking off extended paternity leave in the middle of a massive supply chain crisis for the sake of their young family can't see how other public servants' families deserve protection."

    Ricochet editor-in-chief Jon Gabriel added, "What happens if MAGA types start showing up where ever you and Pete go? This continued escalation is a dangerous game, especially since Kavanaugh just had an assassination attempt on him. You don't want the world you're advocating for."

    "Would you and your husband enjoy being hounded out of restaurants by mobs? In DC - or your new 'home' state of Michigan?" Guy Benson asked. "I'm sure there are people who would accommodate that. Is this where we want to go & what we want to celebrate?"

    Ted Frank suggested putting the shoe on the other foot, tweeting, "It seems like the Ironic Protestors for Civility also need to be interrupting the dinners of the families of cabinet officials and White House press spokespeople."

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( July 20th, 2022 @ 9:16 am )
As reality is starting to kick in all over this Representative Republic, Pete Buttigieg should strategically pull in the reins on his sassy "male" wife, Chasten Buttigieg, if he wants a sustainable future in this nation's political realm.

In politics, it is imperative to have a "good woman," uh, male wife, "behind the man."

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