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If the number was actually only one it would not be much, but it ain’t, so it’s not. (This prior sentence did not make sense...Or did it not?)


An Indiana Mall Shooter was stopped by a Good Guy With a Gun.

The lady who wrote this article (link below) is a journalist based in New York and she is an author. She took pen in hand (so to speak) to write this article because she knows all about the Evils of Guns...

Here is a small excerpt:

“Finally, gun enthusiasts found themselves a good guy with a gun.

After more than 45,000 gun deaths in 2020 and more than 24,000 already this year, one legally armed bystander -- a young man carrying a handgun in an Indiana mall -- was able to use his weapon to kill a mass shooter.

Even with a "good guy" present, the Indiana mall shooter was still able to kill three people, injure two and traumatize many others. That's not a victory against gun violence; it's a horrific scenario by any measure. And even the "good guy" with the gun wasn't exactly following the rules -- the mall doesn't allow weapons on its property and he brought one in anyway.”

“Wasn't exactly following the rules”? Huh? Is this lady really saying the people in that Mall Food Court would have been better off if only the Good Samaritan Shooter had followed the rules and had not had the gun he used to save their lives?

The Mental Midget’s Article: https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/19/opinions/uvalde-response-indiana-mall-shooting-filipovic/index.html


Below is a link to another article that presents the other side of the argument about guns saving lives. Miss Mental Midget must have missed this article...

Guns Save Over Two Million Lives In America Every Year

Fella's Excerpt from this article...

“Businesses that prohibit customers from being armed in their establishments risk the lives of their employees and customers daily. The shooting at a Nashville Waffle House is just the latest example of this gun-free business establishment being victimized by a criminal with a gun—this one was a criminal who was already prohibited by law from having a gun, by the way. Yet Waffle House continues to insist that its restaurants be gun-free.

Of course, the Nashville Waffle House was not the first Waffle House to be the site of a criminal attack. The around-the-clock Waffle Houses are routinely and frequently the targets of violent crime.

A recent sample of Waffle House attacks include Lawrence, Indiana (robbed four times in three months); New Albany, Indiana; Charlotte, North Carolina; Camden, Delaware; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Hermitage, Tennessee; North Little Rock, Arkansas; Biloxi, Mississippi; Orlando, Florida; Raleigh, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Columbia, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; Houston, Texas; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Panama City Beach, Florida; Georgetown, South Carolina; Fort Myers, Florida; etc. The list is endless.

Yet Waffle House management is so fanatically anti-Second Amendment, not only does it prohibit its patrons from being armed in its restaurants (good luck with that in Montana) but also its employees and SECURITY GUARDS. Truly, the corporate executives at Waffle House are a bunch of imbeciles—and so is anyone who would frequent a Waffle House restaurant (or any other restaurant) WITHOUT being armed.”

The Link to the article that contained the above Excerpt is: https://thewashingtonstandard.com/guns-save-over-two-million-lives-in-america-every-year/

No, Fella did not make up the part about the Waffle House Security Guards being prohibited from carrying a weapon.

If Fella had written that Waffle House Security Guards wear large Bull’s Eyes on their chests that would have been made up...Or would it have been?

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: If you wanna be kept busy Reading All About It today, search the Internet for something like “lives saved by guns in America each year” and you will see that Miss Mental Midget’s contention that “Finally, gun enthusiasts found themselves a good guy with a gun” is Silly and you know I Know Silly.

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I write a Blog. That does not mean I am smart. Miss Mental Midget is a Columnist. That does not mean she is smart.
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