Jockey Dead At 28 After Horrific Horse Racing Accident | Eastern North Carolina Now | A 28-year-old jockey has died, succumbing on Tuesday to injuries he sustained in a horrific horse-racing accident last Wednesday in Cambridge, New Zealand.

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Virginia Kruta.

    A 28-year-old jockey has died, succumbing on Tuesday to injuries he sustained in a horrific horse-racing accident last Wednesday in Cambridge, New Zealand.

    Taiki Yanagida, known in racing circles as "Tiger," was riding maiden horse Te Atatu Pash when his mount was checked and they both fell onto the track. Yanagida's helmet came off as he fell - and once he hit the ground, his own horse rolled onto him and at least one other horse galloped over him.

    According to several sources, Yanagida suffered serious injuries to both his head and back - and the injuries to his spinal cord were so severe that even if he had survived, reports suggested he would never have walked again. He was placed in an induced coma immediately after the accident and never regained consciousness. His mother Kayano and Chiaki, one of his two sisters, rushed from Japan the day after the accident in order to be with him, and they were by his side when he passed.

    The tributes began to pour out for "Tiger," who by all accounts was not just a dedicated jockey but a pleasant person altogether.

    "Rip Taiki {Tiger} Yanagida. I didn't know him personally but a few of my friends did. He was apparently a lovely person, friendly and outgoing. This was his brilliant 2nd Group winning ride on Bellatrix Black. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends," Chris Moore tweeted, sharing a video of Yanagida racing.

    Another shared photos he took of Yanagida earlier on the day he died. "Very sad to hear the news Taiki Yanagida passed away at Waikato Hospital from a race fall at Cambridge last Wed. Here are photos I took of Taiki winning earlier on the day. So sad. RIP Taiki," Mark Nowell said.

    "Oh Taiki how everyone's hearts are hurting so badly with the news we have lost you - we all know our industry is one where our people face danger every day - this hurts so badly, us all - so much love to his mother & sister & family & friends - tears in heaven in today," Te Akau Racing shared.

    Just two months before his tragic death, Yanagida told racing publication Raceform that his mother had feared something bad might happen to him while he was racing - and had pushed him to go to college instead of pursuing his dream to become a jockey.

    "I wanted to try and become a jockey but my Mum didn't agree, she said I must to go to university first. I completed one year at university before I said I was going to Australia to train to be a jockey," he said. "Now my mother is happy for me, she knows I am doing what I always wanted to, but she still worries about me and is always going to the temple to pray for my luck and safety."
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