Shapiro: ‘The Regulatory State Needs To Die. A Stake Needs To Be Driven Through Its Heart.’ | Eastern North Carolina Now | “There's a deep state in every bureaucratic agency.”

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    On Thursday, speaking of federal agencies and their overbearing effect on the American populace which has no recourse to challenge them, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro said bluntly, "The regulatory state needs to die. A stake needs to be driven through its heart."

    Shapiro addressed the CDC and it's director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, admitting it needed to reorganize. Then he turned to the reluctance by much of the federal bureaucracy to admit that the monkeypox outbreak has been driven by men in the homosexual community.

    "Best scientific story today," he stated. "This is from NBC News. So you may have noticed because it's perfectly obvious that sex between gay men was causing the spread of monkeypox. You may have noticed this because all statistics showed it, that 96% of new monkeypox cases were from men who were having sex with other men."

    "But you weren't allowed to say that," he noted. "It was 'skin to skin contact.'"

    He quoted, "According to, 'Since the outset of the global monkeypox outbreak in May, public health and infectious disease experts have told the public that the virus is largely transmitted through skin to skin contact, in particular during sex between men. Now, however, an expanding cadre of experts has come to believe that sex between men itself, both anal as well as oral, is likely the main driver of global monkeypox transmis -'"

    "Wait, you're saying shaking hands with gay dudes is not going to give you monkeypox? ... I'm bewildered and shocked. No, no, that's crazy talk," he quipped.

    "I mean, we knew this from literally the first day that the data were reported because it was all happening in sexually transmitted disease vectors because it was not people shaking hands, it was not people giving hugs," he pointed out. "The skin contact that comes with sex, these experts say it's probably much less of a risk factor."

    "Well, I'm glad that you guys, we're all on top of this. It only took you a few months to notice," he asserted.

    "I know these are very difficult things to say in a society that has decided that the highest value in life is in fact sexual self-definition and anonymous sex, that these are the most important things you can tell people," he continued. "Again, I'll never get over this. You can tell people for two years, they have to lockdown, close their businesses, shutter their livelihoods, destroy their dreams, take their kids out of school, not see dying relatives, not hang out with close friends within six feet. You can do all of that in order to prevent the transmission of a virus that is extraordinarily unlikely to kill you if you are young and healthy. But you simply cannot say to gay men, 'Stop nailing other anonymous dudes. Just don't.' You can't say that. It's impossible. Talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations, by the way."

    "The bureaucracy is infected with left wing ideology, and that has a massive impact on how they actually do their jobs," he declared. "If you think ideology does not affect bureaucracy, it's because you're being stupid. The baseline notion of a bureaucratic state which was imposed by Woodrow Wilson in the early 20th century, is that there be a cadre of experts that know better than you, that they have a specific area of expertise, and that area of expertise is where they know all the detail, they know all the things, and therefore we can't vote on those things because you don't have the expertise, they have the expertise and it will be nonpartisan and it will be the most knowledgeable because after all, it's just an application of data to problems."

    "And so if we do that, we can solve all the problems," he mocked. "Well, as it turns out, that's not how human beings work. Turns out the bureaucrats very often have a political agenda. When people talk about the deep state, the deep state doesn't just reside in the FBI or the DOJ. There's a deep state in every bureaucratic agency. There's an embedded institutional attitude at the State Department in one direction."

    "There's an embedded institutional attitude at the CDC," he charged. "And these embedded institutional attitudes have a massive impact on how regulation is done, which is why the regulatory state needs to die. A stake needs to be driven through its heart. Instead, rulemaking needs to be done at the legislative level. These are political issues. These are not questions of expertise. These are political issues. Everything when it comes to electoral politics is political and pretending otherwise you end up with a bunch of morons in charge of the levers of power, ideologically driven morons."

Inarguably, the policies of the Democrats in congress and Joe Biden as the Executive is plunging the United States into a recession, if we are not already there; a recession that was completely avoidable. Will abrupt changes in policies occur in time?
  Yes, the Democrats have a bold plan, yet to be revealed, to save us.
  No, there will have to be a complete undoing of the damage done by these Democrats.
  I can't do simple math, so how am I to understand the concept of basic economics.
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