RX Industries Completed Its Expanding Operations In Beaufort County (SC) | Eastern North Carolina Now

    RX Industries, of South Carolina, has announced the completion of its expansion in Beaufort County.

    The company, a precision computer numerical control machine shop, first announced its expansion plans last year, prompting congratulations from local officials.

    RX Industries explained that they would be purchasing a larger facility on 16 Finch Street on Hilton Head Island. This investment was estimated to cost US$9.08 million and would result in the creation of 13 jobs.

    A Positive Response

    The announcement of RX Industries' expansion prompted an overwhelmingly positive response from the local community, including some of its most prominent public figures. Members of RX Industries were also keen to reveal their own excitement about this latest development in the company's fortunes.

    Commenting on the move, Tom Rougeux, the owner of RX Industries, revealed,

    "For many years, I had a home on Hilton Head Island but traveled across the United States for work. I told people that my wife and kids lived on Hilton Head, and I unfortunately lived in a hotel. I had enough of this lifestyle choice and, together with my brother, made the investment to establish RX Industries on Hilton Head Island.

    Today, I'm very pleased to say that my business is expanding, and my company's growth is happening in a place that I love. We look forward to RX Industries continuing to grow in the defense, aerospace, and medical sectors. We also are thrilled to be working with Beaufort County's school district in an effort to expose students to the exciting world of precision machining."

    Beaufort County Councilman, Larry McElynn, was among the high-profile members of the community to praise the expansion. He stated,

    "Industry is showing that it is able to thrive on Hilton Head Island. In fact, we are beginning to establish a strong defense contractor cluster amongst our existing companies. RX Industries is one of these defense contractors, and their growth means great things for Hilton Head Island.

    The high-tech computer numerical control (CNC) machining RX Industries employs is solving problems in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. We are thankful to have them on Hilton Head Island."

    From Strength To Strength

    RX Industries was founded just two years ago but has already proven itself to be a successful enterprise if the expansion is anything to go by.

    The CNC business specializes in providing custom solutions for medical devices, as well as for the munitions, defense, and aviation sectors. RX Industries also manufactures products for generalized industry.

    The business describes itself as Palmetto State's first and only CNC shop powered by the ProShop ERP MES QMS system.

    If you have a CNC shop like RX Industries, and you are in need of glass cutting and processing tools for your machines, you can explore this complete list of CNC glass tools to find the right tools for the job.

    Precise High-Quality Performance

    CNC-driven manufacturing, such as the work carried out by RX Industries, has proven to be of great benefit to the manufacturing world across various sectors.

    By automating manufacturing processes, CNC machines can help to save time and space, cut down on costs, and significantly boost levels of production.

    As the RX Industries expansion indicates, CNC workshops can quickly go from strength to strength as they cater to the booming demand for precision-made parts.

    Whether it's making landing gears for airplanes or crafting metal hip joints for patients requiring a hip replacement, CNC machining has a wide range of vital applications and will most likely continue to form an integral part of manufacturing for many years to come.
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