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Control Yourself: Part II

    Publisher's note: This is the seond post of a multipart series expressing a long held belief on how to fix this nation before it is too late to do so. If you would like to read more, you can find other posts of similar intent by cliking here.

    It really does take a village ... but very much unlike that which is preached, and proposed by the liberal / progressives

    Governments at all levels all levels are dysfunctional: So how do we fix the lot of them charged with functioning well to govern us best? Quite possibly, we endeavor to fix the American electorate first by electing such inferior representatives to further the needs of our Republic.

    Now that I've stated this wise precept on how to correct government by correcting the electorate: Who is this collective WE, who is here to save the electorate from ourselves?

    Of course that would be the government since we all come together every two years to democratically elect our government as the collective WE ... so our elected folk should fix us, right?

    But did I not just hypothetically deduct that it is the electorate's responsibility to elect governments, at all levels in our nation, that best represents ourselves?

    This complex conundrum is reminsecent of one's all-consuming gaze into the beckoning blackhole of infinity ... a mirror reflecting a mirror, reflecting a mirror ...

    So, what must get fixed to fix this nation?

    My well considered opinion (and this from the perspective of a conservative Republican with a Liberterian strain toward personal freedom and the accompanying responsibility): WE, as this American nation, do not get fixed until WE, as its electorate, become collectively smarter. The vernacular of the collective, in the collective WE, only works if we independently get smarter to positively reflect upon the electorate as a group. This will only happen if Americans, as individuals within their individual family structure and otherwise, strive to know stuff, understand stuff, and furthermore it is incumbent upon those of us that are already smarter, wiser, more curious intellectually to help them along their way toward an enlightenment of mind and spirit.

    Okay ... "it does takes a village", but NOT in the construct of the liberal / progressive "it takes a village", where the motive is: "If we take the assets of the village to help you, will you do as we tell you, as repayment, to further the collective village?" Rather, from the perspective of true enlightenment: "If we help you get smarter, will you please do all within your power to remain intellectually curious, continue to build your mind, your spirit, and spend all your afforded efforts to influence your family and friends to do the same?"

    You see it is not important that those who strive to attain intellectual enlightenment thinks as WE do (whoever WE are), who have long already done so; but rather that they begin to think, a spare few for the first time, on a more constructive level. Accordingly, once these folks - the ones for the first time and those who accepted knowledge during their "school years" only - begin to accept the attainment of continued intellectual curiosity, WE (the collective), as a nation, will be taking the first steps toward regaining our former greatness as a nation of thoughtful, caring people, not one of people who exist for the handouts - the free stuff of the debilitating Socialism that liberal Democrats are so passionate about.

    I just pray it will not be too late for WE, as a People, to do so.

    I know I am getting older, and that very fact colors my perception of much; however, my four adult age children, and their spouses, tend to agree with me on this one issue: Americans, as a collective public, is the most intellectually incurious they have possibly ever been. It is a sad observence, but one that can be remedied if we all do our part.

    This observation is made as WE, ironically, head deep into the age of information, where great groupings of information is so easily accessible on the internet, or in libraries if that is your preference. Remarkably, one can even get information deliverred in a more familiar communication mode, if needed by serching more thoroughly on the internet for a more familiar dicussion point.

    Consequently, it is our mission at BCN to provide to our community this moderated informational platform to help, in some small way, to drive the curiousity of others, of the collective WE, to gain an enhanced perspective of some of what is, or should be, in their world of an informated purpose. Furthermore, we provide this internet space, and bandwidth, to others to promote their message, irrespective of theme, to others who engage regularly on our informational platform. The "others" of the collective WE, can in turn comment, or take the time to compose a post to bolster their similar or alternative position; however, our platform, unlike Facebook, is moderated, so we will not publish every comment or every post, only the ones that are reasonably well presented.

    To that end, we invite each of you to participate on the Beaufort County NOW informational platform. Moreover, we beg each of you to be more intellectually curious to learn more, and help others to learn more as well. I believe it is our patriotic duty to be of a service to our nation whenever there is a need to do so, and now is the time for all good countrymen to heed this clarion call.

    Presently, it is imperative that our nation become much smarter to elect smarter, wiser leaders, and that we deal with our collective problems before our ultimate demise as a Republic. We are nigh on the precipice of it being too late, and we must move together, ascertively, as smarter individuals to make the indefinite difference.

Understanding that the sanctity of fair elections must exist for a well functioning Democratic Rebublic to continue: Should the electorate be required to show photo identification to vote?
95.08%   Yes
3.28%   No
1.64%   I refuse to vote
61 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!


( January 14th, 2013 @ 10:53 pm )
Remarkably, I have just read and heard today commentary on the "low-info voter," and how this is the new wave of wannabe cool voters that make up much of the Democrat ranks that keep all of the "brain surgeons," like Candidate Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Vice-candidate Joe Biden in leadership roles running our nation to ruin.

I had no idea that this was a class of Democrat that was being managed for votes at election time.

One learns something new every day. The "low-info voter." Kind of has a ring to it.

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