Common Sense America with Eden Hill & North Carolina Faith and Freedom; Candidate for Commissioner Lisa Carpenter. Dr. Paul Brintley, NC Faith and Fre | Eastern North Carolina Now | Common Sense America with Eden Hill & North Carolina Faith and Freedom; Candidate for Commissioner Lisa Carpenter. Dr. Paul Brintley, NC Faith and Freedom

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    Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – Common Sense America with Eden Hill & North Carolina Faith and Freedom; Candidate for Commissioner Lisa Carpenter.

    And next up, Dr. Paul Brintley, NC Faith and Freedom, discussed the Salt and Light Conference, the voter activation, the voter guide, and preparation for November Elections. Also, creating local chapters around the state that will engage dedicated individuals to help get out the vote and collaborate with local groups.

    Candidate for Commissioner, Onslow County, Lisa Carpenter joined the show to discuss her upcoming election, the power of doorknocking, engaging with the constituent, preparing for a proactive approach for infrastructure, and what’s ahead for the battleground state with many new transplants to Eastern North Carolina. Also, her powerful faith journey and being a woman in leadership in Onslow County.

Eden Gordon Hill interviews Candidate for Commissioner Lisa Carpenter; and next up - Dr. Paul Brintley, NC Faith and Freedom: Below.

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