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            We all realize by now, that this election is not only critical but in many ways is a turning point in American history.  That is not an exaggeration.  The first question to ask is should I bother to vote?    I think Ronald Reagan said it best when he said   “ We are one election away from losing our freedoms”.   Maintaining freedom requires all patriots to exercise the right to vote.  We also have a duty to not only those who died to guarantee the freedoms we enjoy, but a sacred responsibility to future generations to ensure that they enjoy and benefit from the freedoms that we inherited.  Look into the face of your children and/or grandchildren and ask yourself the question:  “ Have I done everything I can possibly do to protect their freedoms?”

            Now, assuming you plan to vote, the question becomes who do I vote for?   Again, Ronald Reagan had a way of getting to the heart of the issue when he said during his debate with Jimmy Carter: “ Ask yourself one simple question,  are you better off today than you were four (or two) years ago?”  Very succinct and meaningful.   Another question that gets to the heart of the matter is do you believe the country is heading in the right or wrong direction?   Ask yourself these two questions and you will know what to do.

            Answering the question of whether you are better off now than two years ago addresses economic disasters that have befallen us all like higher fuel prices, food prices, mortgage rates. credit card interest and loan rates.  The decline in the stock market has been devastating to 401Ks and retirement savings.  Two questions should be asked:  who is responsible and who is likely to be able to fix it?  Biden’s decision to shut down energy production and supply in favor of wind/solar, history will show  to have been one of the worst decisions by any president   Not only has the Biden administration caused the worst inflation in forty years but they keep lying to us about whether it is a problem.   How can you fix a problem when you deny the problem even exists?   Increasing crime, open borders, and FBI overreach must also be stopped.  No question about it, Americans are substantially worse off now that two years ago.

            How about the question of whether America is heading in the right or wrong direction?   There are primarily two forms of government:  Republics with free enterprise or Communism with government control.   The countries that have achieved the highest standard of living for their citizens are all republics with free enterprise as America has been for over 250 years.   No communist/socialist government has ever succeeded.   They all resort to totalitarianism to control their people such as Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and China.   The Democrat Party leaders are taking this country towards Communism.  Period.  No doubt about it.

            So, you must decide, do I want to keep the most successful form of government and freedom in the history of the world or do I want this country to descend into Communism?     Your choice.

            Now, do not let yourself be diverted by things such as personal characteristics or minor disagreements with specific candidates.  There are no perfect candidates.   They all have flaws just like the rest of us.  The only important question is where do they stand on the main issues that will preserve our country or will their actions result ultimately in the destruction of this country.   WE MUST NOT COMMIT SOCIETAL SUICIDE.

            You know what to do, now let’s get out and vote and win this fight to save America.

~ R. Alan Harrop, Ph.D

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